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We all are aware that parking space is really important to us in today’s world but do we have enough space left to build proper parking? what if the space is there, but we don’t know how to utilize this space?

How would you encounter that situation? Don’t worry, we are here to tell you about different types of parking and we’ll also tell you how to utilize your space for parking if you want to. In this article, we will also tell you which type of parking suits your area the best. So, let’s delve into the world of different types of parking.


What is Parking?

When a person leaves their vehicle temporarily and directs the vehicle to a specific location for a specific period of time, so that their vehicle is safe and they don’t have to worry about their vehicle then that is called parking. The specific location could be, a garage or a designated spot allotted to the vehicle, where it can be left for some time. It is essential to ensure that the vehicles are parked safely and in an organized way whether in a public parking area or a private garage.


What are the different types of Parking?


1. Residential Parking:

When a parking space or permits are designated for residents of a particular area, usually in densely populated areas then those types of parking are referred to as Residential parking. Usually, governments or parking authorities regulate residential parking areas so that priority access is given to the people who are living nearby. The main purpose of the residential parking program is to make it easier for the people living nearby so that they don’t find it difficult to park near their residential area.


2. Mechanized Parking:

Mechanized parking is a system where parking organizations take the help of mechanical technology to enhance the use of space in parking so that the process is efficient and comfortable. Systems like automated or robotic parking systems, are designed in a way that the area required for parking the cars gets minimized.

They do this by vertically stacking the vehicles or horizontally moving the vehicles. Mechanized parking is very helpful and efficient in enhancing the convenience of users and maximizing parking capacity.


3. On-street Parking:

In On-street parking usually, to park the vehicle the sides of public roads or streets are being used and it is very common in the built-up and residential areas. The cost of development in on-street parking is comparatively low to off-street parking. Physical changes like painting, installation of signage, parking meters, etc., are required in on-street parking.


4. Off-street Parking:

Off-street parking areas are located away from streets and public roads and are separate from the regular flow of traffic. Usually, off-street parking is owned privately or is under the control of public entities, like shopping centers, municipalities, airports, and office buildings.

Off-street parking has controlled access points like entrance and exit gates, ticketing systems, and automated barriers. These are very crucial in managing the flow of vehicles, ensuring security, and regulating parking fees (if applicable). Comparatively off-street parking offers a larger capacity and can cater to a higher number of vehicles.


5. Multi-storey Parking:

Structures or buildings that allow parking at two or more levels where the vehicles can be parked are multi-story parking. Usually, this type of parking uses enormous buildings which are used only for parking.

The designers who build these types of parking areas keep their buildings away from the high pedestrian areas as it will not be good for the traffic. This type of parking uses the area effectively and efficiently. Structurally, these types of parking are enclosed and have defined parking spaces on each level.


6. Underground Parking:

Underground parking is the type of parking where the parking is constructed below the ground level and is usually expensive because of the digging process and the structural support that will be made after that. This type of parking is made in urban areas where there is less space for structures like that to be made above ground.

This type of parking is usually made under the shopping malls or some working place. However, they can increase parking capacity and foster a more pleasing above-ground look and feel.


7. Undercroft Parking:

Undercroft parking is the type of parking where parking facilities are provided under a building within the area of that building. This type of parking is space-efficient and requires careful attention so that it can make the exterior of the ground floor facing the street attractive and active, which will improve the overall look of the building.

This type of parking is Ideal for locations that have sloping terrain or are in densely populated areas, where a flat building surface can be constructed and parking away from public spaces.


8. Semi-basement Parking:

This type of parking provides a solution that gives the benefits of both above-ground and underground parking and the structure also is built in a way that some part of the parking is built partly below the ground level.

It is built like that so that it can be a partial basement to a building. Semi-basement parking is built in places where the sloping topography or the density of the area is high so that it can create a leveled development platform and remove parking from public places.


9. Ground Floor Parking:

This is the type of parking facility that is constructed on the ground level and is one of the most affordable types of parking that can be constructed cheaply comparatively. This type of parking is usually built on the front of a building or site to create proper space for lively shopfronts, especially the ones that are facing public areas or streets.

This type of parking is one of the most popular because of the accessibility and convenience as the entry and exit of the vehicles in this type of parking is simple and subtle.


10. Above-ground Parking:

This type of parking provides facilities for parking above the ground level or you can say that where the space for parking is elevated. Here, in this type of parking the levels can stretch across multiple floors and this type of parking intends to reduce the disturbance to traffic, pedestrians, or cyclists. You will find this type of parking on the sides of the streets which are not that busy.



As we all know today it is not that easy to find land that is affordable for parking. The area for parking is also reducing constantly, especially in the areas that are near cities, towns, or metropolitan cities.

Having a proper knowledge of parking management is very crucial nowadays as it can help in standardising traffic congestion and improving safety. If we can have an in-depth approach to parking management then it will move us toward creating a safer, sustainable, and more efficient environment.

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