About us

Euro Parking Services is an established nationwide company in the car parking industry with extensive and comprehensive industry experience. We currently manage and operate in over 500 car parks across the UK, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year............ Read more

Our Services

ANPR and CCTV Control

An ANPR is an Automatic Number Plate Recognition system.

Cash For Land

Whether it’s a current car park, or undeveloped land.


Marshalling services provide a helping hand for the busy periods at your car park.

Self Ticketing

Have complete control of you car park with our self ticketing service.

Patrol Officer Service

Our patrol officer service provides management and enforcement on your car.

Pay And Display

Pay and display, a simple way to make revenue.

Pay on foot

Pay on foot systems provides complete control and profitable revenue.

Road Surfacing & Line Marking

Euro Parking Services Limited (EPS) specialise as road surfacing contractors...

Our Sectors

Business/ Industrial Park

At Euro Parking Services, we understand how important it is that the industrial centres are safe and secure. This quality enhances customer experiences and completely .

Leisure and Tourism

Euro Parking Services has many years of working with broad range of clients in the leisure and tourism sector. As a result of our close support of this sector.

Pubs and Restaurant

The Pubs and Restaurant market tends to be quite a competitive one. In order to attract more customers and to stay ahead of the competition, businesses are offering.


We’ve been working with NHS clinics to improve their parking situations. We know that it has a direct impact on the experience of staff, visitors and patients. The NHS deals with a variety of issues in their car parks.

Stores and Supermarkets

At Euro Parking Services, we manage car parks for quite a large number of stores and super market chains. Examples of some of the big brands.


With the increase of colleges and other institutions of higher education, we at Euro Parking Services have noticed that the trend in such institutions has been to establish “in house” Security Departments.


Hotels are generally at prime locations, many being near city centres, high streets, or convenient transportation. Gathering from past experience, parking for hotels.


We provide services to numerous residential organisations including, Midland Heart, Sanctuary Housing, Stone Water Housing, just to mention a few.

Shopping Centre & Retail Park

We manage many shopping centres and retail parks across the UK. These sites tend to have different parking zones for different users. For example, a shopping centre may consist.

As a company, we have just entered a phase of exponential growth in which we aim to invest in the state of the art, cutting edge and innovative technological parking solutions across a range of sectors.

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