Self ticketing Parking Management

Stop unauthorized parking in your car park by yourself and Earn £10 per every Self-Ticket!

Step into the future of car park management and enforcement with Euro Parking Services Ltd. As the foremost provider of Self-Ticketing systems in the UK, we’re redefining the way you control your car park. Bid farewell to traditional methods and embrace efficiency and security like never before. Discover how EPS revolutionises car park management with Self-Ticketing.


Understanding Self-Ticketing Parking Solutions

Imagine you’re a car park owner dealing with unauthorised parking headaches despite giving warnings. You want to take control without outside interference or having to spend on the services of car park attendants, and that’s where self-ticketing services come to the rescue.

Self-ticketing is straightforward. If someone parks without permission, you become the enforcer. However, you don’t have to confront the unauthorised parker or issue a PCN on your own. Instead, use your smartphone to snap a picture of the unauthorised vehicle and send those images to us. We’ll handle the rest, including creating a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) and sending it to the unauthorised parker’s address.

Self-ticketing gives you the power to tackle unauthorised parking on your terms, ensuring your car park is for those who have permission to use it.

A mobile phone capturing a parked car

By partnering with EPS, you'll benefit from

Comprehensive provisions:

We supply all necessary equipment, including CCTV, ANPR cameras, parking payment solutions, and handle all civil works.

Self-funding solutions:

Most of our services require zero capital expenditure (CAPEX) from your side.

User-friendly systems:

We provide easy-to-use back office systems to allow you to manage your staff/visitors/customer/other parking visits

Revenue generation:

If you introduce paid parking, your company will receive a handsome share of the parking revenue

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Benefits of Self-Ticketing

Maximum Control for Car Park Managers
You can have complete control over your car park with our self-ticketing service because you will decide whom to send a PCN for unauthorised parking in your car park.
Short or Long-Term Options
You have the flexibility to choose our self-ticketing service for your car park for either a short or long duration, tailored to meet your specific requirements. We offer flexible parking management services.
Access to Our Online System
You can easily access our online system via the ZatMobile app to send photos of the unauthorised vehicles in your car park and generate a parking charge notice.
Reduced Parking Violations
Reduced parking violations from self-ticketing quickly gather evidence and deter rule breakers, improving car park safety and organisation.
Eliminates Confrontational Situations
No car owner can know who sent the photos of their vehicle; the entire process will take place under the name of our car park management company, Euro Parking Services.
Time-Efficient and Affordable
You don’t need to spend a lot of time generating a PCN; the mobile app boasts a straightforward UI. You just need to send the relevant images, and we will do the rest.
A mobile phone capturing a parked car

Why Choose Euro Parking Services for Self-Ticketing Parking Enforcement


In the UK, car park management involves strict rules and regulations. Issuing Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) independently can be complex without a clear understanding of legal requirements. Euro Parking Services guides you through compliance. Our expertise goes beyond enforcement and includes transparent communication with motorists on your property. We specialise in clear, effective parking signage to eliminate confusion.

Partnering with Euro Parking Services provides self-ticketing services and ensures lawful private car park operation. Let us help you maintain order and compliance for a hassle-free parking experience. Euro Parking Services Ltd offers more than parking management; we are the driving force behind car park solutions. With extensive industry experience, our services encompass Car Park Consultancy, Management and vigilant enforcement. Choose us for a comprehensive approach to car park management.

Start Today In 3 Easy Steps


Download the app from the app store or Google play and create an account. Within 15 days, you’ll receive delivery of your car parking signs.


Once you have installed the signs, you will have a legally enforceable controlled parking zone.


Take a picture of the offending vehicle through the app and we can issue the driver with a PCN.







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Clients Testimonials

“Euro Parking Services has been really helpful. Their self-ticketing service is great for stopping people from parking where they shouldn’t. We just take a photo, and they do the rest. It’s a good solution for us car park owners, and it shows they know what they’re doing in the parking business.”                                                                                                        

David Smith

“I’m John Davies, a small shop owner, and I had a big problem with people parking in my car park, making it difficult for my potential customers to find a spot. I consulted a few parking enforcement companies, but Euro Parking Services was the one that I liked the most. Their self-ticketing services have given me control over my small car park area, and I couldn’t be happier. The staff is incredibly helpful, and I highly recommend their services.” 

John Davies


“We’ve been using Euro Parking Services Ltd’s self-ticketing system at our facility, and the ZatMobile app has been a standout feature. It’s simplified our private car park management and effectively curbed unauthorised parking. Highly recommend their services!”

Simon Hughes

“As the Facilities Coordinator at Brighton Office Park, my experience with Euro Parking Services Ltd and their self-ticketing parking system has been outstanding. This system has revolutionised our car park management, significantly reducing unauthorised parking issues. Its user-friendliness and efficiency have streamlined our operations, creating a more organised and welcoming environment for our tenants and visitors. The ongoing support and expertise provided by Euro Parking Services are exceptional. They have become an essential part of our operational success.”                                                      

Lucy Bennett

What is a self-ticketing car park management app?
A self-ticketing car park management app is a sophisticated tool designed for car park operators and owners. It empowers staff to monitor the car park and issue parking charge notices directly to vehicles that are parked without authorisation or in violation of the car park’s terms and conditions. This technology often includes features like licence plate recognition, real-time reporting, and the ability to manage multiple sites remotely.
Is self-ticketing legal ?

Self-ticketing is a legal and widely accepted practice in the car park management industry. It operates within the framework of property law, allowing car park owners to enforce their own parking policies. This system ensures that car park rules are adhered to, maintaining order and efficiency in the parking area. Compliance with legal standards and data protection regulations is critical in the implementation of self-ticketing systems.

How does self-ticketing enhance parking management?

Self-ticketing significantly enhances parking management by automating and streamlining the enforcement process. It deters unauthorised parking, ensuring that spaces are available for legitimate users. The system’s efficiency reduces the need for extensive manual monitoring, freeing up staff for other tasks. Real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities allow for immediate response to parking issues, improving overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in the car park area.

Can self-ticketing be used in any type of car park ?

Self-ticketing can be used in any type of car park, such as those at retail centres, commercial complexes, and residential areas. It is especially beneficial for smaller car parks, allowing owners to manage parking efficiently and with minimal staff. However, for larger car parks, like those in shopping malls or large office complexes, self-ticketing can be challenging due to the scale of monitoring required. In such cases, employing trained car park attendants is often a more effective solution for maintaining order and providing quality service.