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In the retail landscape, efficient car park management plays a pivotal role in enhancing customer satisfaction and driving business success. Stores and supermarkets face unique challenges, including limited parking space, congestion during peak hours, and the need to ensure convenient access for shoppers. At Euro Parking Services (EPS), we offer tailored parking management solutions designed to address these challenges and optimise the parking experience for both customers and staff.

Euro Parking Services

Your Partner in Parking Solutions

With over 16 years of experience in the car park industry, EPS is dedicated to helping stores and supermarkets overcome their parking challenges. Our expertise enables us to deliver customised parking management solutions that prioritise efficiency, safety, and accessibility. By partnering with EPS, stores and supermarkets can alleviate concerns over parking management, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional service to their customers.

Our Comprehensive Parking Management Services for Stores and Supermarkets

EPS offers a comprehensive range of parking management services tailored to the needs of stores and supermarkets. Here’s how we can transform your parking facilities:

ANPR Systems

Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology facilitates seamless entry and exit, reducing congestion and improving traffic flow within your premises.

CCTV Enforcement

Enhanced surveillance acts as a deterrent against unauthorised parking, ensuring that parking spaces are available for customers and preventing misuse of facilities.

Efficient Car Park Management

We provide efficient car park management solutions to optimise parking space utilisation and improve the overall shopping experience for customers.

Parking Enforcement Solutions

Our proactive enforcement measures maintain order and compliance within your parking facility, ensuring that designated spaces are reserved for customers and authorised personnel.

Pay & Display Solutions

EPS offers Pay & Display solutions tailored to stores and supermarkets, providing customers with convenient payment options for parking access.

Pay on Foot Options

Effortless parking payments upon exiting the facility, with integration capabilities for validations or special rates.

Self-ticketing Solutions

Empower your facility with tools to manage parking violations directly, maintaining order and accessibility.

Patrol Officer Services

Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology ensures swift entry and exit, crucial for ambulances and emergency vehicles, minimising delays and improving overall traffic flow within your facility.

Road Surfacing

Professional services to maintain well-marked and safe parking areas.

Line Marking

Ensure clear and accurate demarcation of parking spaces, emergency routes, and accessible parking.

Parking Marshalling

Efficiently manage traffic flow and parking capacity during peak times or special events.

Cash for Land

For stores and supermarkets with unused land, our “Cash for Land” program offers an opportunity to monetise parking spaces, generating additional revenue while addressing parking demands.

We Provide Customised Solutions and Expert Consultation

Our approach is not one-size-fits-all. As a leading car park management and enforcement company, we understand that every store and supermarket has unique challenges and requirements. That’s why we offer customised parking solutions, tailored to your specific needs. Engage with us for a free consultation to assess your parking situation and explore a range of solutions designed to enhance your facility’s operations and customer care services.

Our Vision for the Future

In partnership with Euro Parking Services, envision a future where parking operations are seamlessly integrated into your facility’s workflow, supporting your mission rather than hindering it. Together, we can create a more efficient, secure, and customer-friendly environment.

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