Multi-Storey & Stack Car Parks the Future of Parking Industry

Lack of parking spaces is one of the most annoying issues, especially for vehicle owners. In today’s time, when many households own more than one car, public parking areas and even dedicated home garages are often not enough, due to which motorists have to seek alternatives.

As a result, motorists park on the road, in residential areas and even on pavements. This shrinks available space, hindering the free flow of traffic and increasing the occurrence of accidents. Here multi-storey and stack car parks come to the rescue as they eliminate the problems caused by a lack of parking space.

Since the population and number of vehicles on the road will only increase, it is crucial to use space efficiently. A feasible solution is constructing a multi-level building utilizing vertical space instead of horizontal space. Let’s find out how multi-storey and stack car parks are the future of the parking industry.


What are Multi-Storey and Stack Car Parks?

Multi-storey and stack car parks are parking areas where vehicles occupy several floors, either operated manually or automatically via vehicle lifts and robot systems. In a stack car park, vehicles are piled on top of each other and retrieved by lifts and levers. This increases the car park’s capacity, allowing more vehicles to be parked at a given time.


Benefits of multi-storey and stack car parks to cities

Below are some of the benefits of multi-storey and stack car parks to cities.

a) Increased flow of traffic

Traffic congestion is one of the most troublesome issues motorists have to encounter. A lack of parking space contributes a lot to traffic jams. Motorists unable to find parking spaces, park their vehicles at the side of roads or pavements. This forces other vehicles to move slower and results in traffic congestion. Stack car parks at strategic points free the roads from unlawfully parked vehicles, increasing the traffic flow rate.

 b) Better safety

Vehicles parked outside are prone to vandalism and theft. Driving around in search of parking spaces increases the risk of motorists wandering to insecure areas where they can encounter various problems. Hence multi-storey car parks play a crucial role in improving driver’s safety.

c) Less hassle

Multi-storey and stack car parks contribute significantly to seamless car park management, which means there will be less hassle as with increased space, more and more motorists will get to park their vehicles. Moreover, with these car parks, fewer motorists will be stranded on the streets, reducing the levels of harmful emissions.


Benefits of multi-storey and stack car parks to car park owners

Benefits of multi-storey and stack car parks to car park owners are mentioned below.

a) Improved customer experience

Your customers’ experience of your business begins from the point they arrive in your car park. With a multi-storey car park, you can ensure your customer can find a space quickly and easily when they arrive on-site. This way, you can improve your customer’s experience, thus enhancing the reputation of your business.

b) Better efficiency

Operating a stack car park is much easier than the conventional car park for motorists and car park owners. Motorists can take their vehicles to a specific area and leave the rest to the lifts. For the car park owner, the automation of most of the processes minimizes their work to the click of buttons, making it faster and more efficient.

c) More property value

Having adequate parking space for all residents increases the property’s attractiveness for a commercial occupancy building. Hence, building a stack car park for residential areas makes life easier for the occupants and significantly boosts the property’s market value.

d) Increased security

Security is crucial for any car park as no car park owner wants to deal with vandalized vehicles. The stack design means most vehicles will be above ground level, which means a low risk of thieves and vandals. There will also be a minimum chance of mugging since the customers wait for their cars in safe, designated areas.


Due to the dearth of parking spaces, making the most of the available space becomes necessary, and multi-storey and stack car parks are the next revolutions. To make the multi-storey and stack car parks more efficient, we at Euro Parking Services provide various effective car park management services. Our highly-skilled team will work closely with you to offer flexible solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of your car park. To know more about our services, get in touch with us by filling up the contact form. We will be pleased to work with you.

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