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The system of parking management has been gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. Parking management combines with technology and enhances the experience of users. It also helps in preventing the wrongdoers from doing anything illegal and maintaining the law.

If you are looking for a Car park management company, then we will tell you about the top parking management companies in Europe so that it gets easy for you to choose. If you are unaware of what is car park management system, then will also tell you about that in brief. So, get ready to explore different car park management companies with us.


What is Car Park Management?

Car Park Management is a system that plans and organizes to manage parking facilities so that there is less congestion. When you hire a car park management company it enhances the experience of the users, maximizes the revenue, and also prevents criminal activities.

Car park Management allows the building of a car parking layout, implementing rules and regulations, and smooth traffic flow in the car parks with the help of technology. For parking management to effectively operate they have to rely on hardware and software. This is what they do and what they offer in car park management.


Hardware involves gadgets entry/exit barriers, CCTV cameras, Infrared cameras, ANPR cameras, pay-on- foot machines, RFID readers, and many more. Types of equipment used for entry and exit to make the parking smooth and enhance the experience of users are barriers, ticket kiosks, and RFID readers. Then there are the Machines that are used for uninterrupted transactions according to the convenience of the users and those machines are parking payment machines.

Now CCTV cameras and ANPR cameras are the cameras that play an important role in monitoring car park activity. Last but not least, Signage helps in understanding the rules and regulations of parking. Signage will keep on reminding the drivers and customers of the rules they need to follow and if they are not aware of that then they will get to know what rules they need to follow.



Software is the core of the parking management system. The software manages everything, from space management to the processing of payment. With the help of the software, we can track if there are any spaces available in the parking area or not.

The software also helps in monitoring the occupancy of the car park and then develops reports, and enables communication with customers so that they can be aware of the occupancy. The software also unifies with paying machines so that the transactions are fast, secure, and efficient.

So Sometimes some car parks offer reserved parking spaces in advance and the software allows them to manage bookings and allocate reserved spaces and if there is someone who has parked their vehicle in an unauthorized way then with the help of the software a parking charge notice (PCN) is issued against them. This is how hardware and software combine to form a comprehensive parking management system.


Top 10 Parking Management Companies:

All these companies use the most advanced parking management systems and provide the customers with what they are seeking. In terms of providing the service, all are top-notch as they have the best technology, the best customer support system, and the best team to react to your queries as soon as possible.

If they did not have any of these then they would not have made it to our list. Here, we will tell you about the owners, CEO, the country or city they are based in, and a little bit of their history so that you can know how reliable are these companies.


1. Euro Parking Services:

Euro Parking Services, based in Birmingham has over 15 years of experience in the parking industry, and not only that they are also regarded as one of the best-reputed companies around the UK and has more than 1000+ car parks in the UK. Currently, the current CEO of Euro Parking Services is “James Tark” who also won the award for Entrepreneur of the Year at the Signature Awards 2024 Birmingham.


2. APCOA Parking:

APCOA is one of Europe’s most renowned parking management companies with operations in multiple countries. Howard Metzenbaum and Ted Bonda were the founders of APCOA. They founded the company in 1949 as the Airport Parking Company of America, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio.

3. Q-Park:

Based in the Netherlands Q-Park was founded in 1998 and KKR Infrastructure owns the company. F.K. De Moor is the current CEO of Q-Park. KKR is a leading, global Investment company that manages investments across multiple Investment categories. Q-Park has established its name and are well renowned in European countries like the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, and Ireland.


4. Indigo Group:

Indigo Group was established as Vinci Park in 1958. In 2014, Vinci Park rebranded and changed their name to Indigo Group. It is a big player in the European parking industry and offers a wide range of parking solutions. Currently, it operates parking facilities in numerous cities across Europe and other continents, providing a wide range of parking management solutions.


5. NCP (National Car Parks):

National Car Parks (NCP) has established a presence in the UK with a focus on providing parking services in various sectors.
Frederick Lucas was the founder of National Car Parks (NCP) which is based in England. Park24 Development Bank of Japan are the owner of the NCP. Hiroyasu Matsui is the Chairman, Co-CEO, and CCO, also Rob England is the Co-CEO and COO.


6. Parkopedia:

Eugene Tsyrklevich founded Parkopedia in 2007 and he is also the CEO of the company. They are also the in-car commerce experts. Earlier Parkopedia used to focus on mapping and indexing the locations of car parks in major cities but later on, the company dived into expanding its services to include parking reservations.


7. Euro Car Parks:

Established in 1976, they have over 47 years of experience in the car parking Industry. They have over 3000+ car parks in the UK and Ireland. They operate in sectors like supermarkets, shopping centers, retail, leisure, hospitality, petrol forecourts, country parks, hospitals, healthcare, transport hubs, and private land


8. Empark:

Founded in 1966 Empark, is also known as Empark Aparcamientos y Servicios. Currently, the CEO of Empark is Jo Cooper. They manage parking facilities and offer mobility solutions across Europe. With a course of more than 50 years in the sector and a presence in over 150 cities, telpark is the main operator in the comprehensive management of car parks (off-street), metered public parking (on-street), and electric charging in Spain and Portugal.


9. Parkia:

Parkia are a growing parking management company with operations in several European countries. Parkia are also one of the leading companies in public car parks, with 71 car parks in Spain and Andorra. The company is based in Madrid (Spain), and since 2016 Australian fund Igneo Infrastructure Partners are the owner of the company. Parkia has more than 8 million customers.


10. ParkCloud:

Founded in 2008 ParkCloud Specializes in online parking reservations and digital parking solutions across Europe. Mark Pointon, Joe Kennedy, and Mark Pegler are the Co-Founder of ParkCloud. Parkcloud works with more than 1,000 car parks.


Why you Should choose Euro Parking Services:

Euro Parking Services, started in Birmingham has over 15 years of experience in the parking industry and is also regarded as one of the most highly esteemed companies in the UK. The priority of Euro Parking Services is Landowners as we want transparency in our approach and to ensure that we provide fair and professional service for all.

Euro Parking Services wants to enhance security as security should be the topmost priority for the car park. The wrongdoers will not be able to do anything wrong as your car park would be under the surveillance of Euro Parking Services.

Euro Parking Services has over 1000 car parks all over the UK and the company growing day by day. Euro Parking Services also promises to give their clients seamless parking solutions 24/7, 365 days a year.

These are the sectors that highlight the diverse industries we operate in:

  • Shopping centers and Retail parks.
  • Pubs and Restaurants
  • Stores and Supermarkets
  • Residential Areas
  • Stores and Supermarkets
  • Education sectors
  • Business and Industrial parks
  • Hotels
  • Leisure and tourism

Euro Parking Services offers services and solutions across Europe that will address the needs of motorists, businesses, and communities.


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