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With the increasing number of vehicles on the roads, parking space has significantly increased. However, the basic and simple car parking space is not enough as the parking spaces need to be optimized. The current scenario demands these parking spaces to be fast, easy and reliable. Here, parking machines come to the rescue.

Several car parking machines are available in the market that makes your car park secure, accessible, and reliable. These easy-to-use machines have various benefits as they are convenient and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This way, you can maximize profits and provide your customers with comfort and improved satisfaction. As per your car park’s requirements, various car parking machines are available for effective management and minimizing hassle. Some of the parking machines which help you to deliver the best are as follows:


  • Car Parking Reservation

Finding a parking spot during busy hours is almost impossible. Moreover, the disappointment of “Parking Full” is annoying for motorists. In many instances, motorists have to leave early just to reserve a parking spot, which is a tedious task and is not a viable option. Thus, to reduce this hassle, you must consider installing a Car parking reservation machine in your car park. A car parking reservation machine will allow your customers to reserve a parking spot in your parking facility.

This will provide them with many conveniences as they can easily reserve a car park space with a suitable date and time and pay the parking fees in advance rather than wait in a queue. In this way, you will make parking stress-free for your customers and will be able to gain profit by choosing the price for your sold parking spot.


  • Car Parking Guidance System

To ensure all the vehicles are fitted effectively in your car park, you need to make your car parking space bigger and bigger. But with numerous parking spots, it becomes difficult to manage the parking facility and sometimes, motorists forget where they kept their car. For this purpose, you must consider having a Parking guidance system in your car park. These machines will help your customers with necessary information such as where to go and which way to take.

The Parking Guidance System will give your customers real information to find a parking space in your car park. These spaces are easy to manage, and the system checks for availability repeatedly. You can also boost the existing systems with various technologies such as video surveillance, security, and other applications, making this parking guidance system much more dependable and suitable according to your business requirements.


  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition

The Automatic number plate recognition eases the congestion and traffic flow by automating the vehicle’s entry and exit. These machines can be used to register a user for a seamless in and out, and there will be no hassle of losing tickets and the pay stations. This parking machine is ideal for a busy car park as there will be no waiting in long queues, thus reducing the chances of mishappenings. Hence the ANPR system is secure, reliable and faster than the traditional systems.

The ANPR camera captures the vehicle registration number at the entry and stores it in its database. It verifies the number plate at the exit and then opens the exit barrier, allowing the vehicle to leave. This way, ANPR makes the entire parking process smooth for your customers.


  • Parking Payment Systems

There has been a drastic evolution in the parking payment procedure, and the world has now switched to new alternatives that are efficient as well. This is why you need to understand your customers’ requirements and provide them with easier, faster and better payment methods. This will enable the customers to pay for parking at their convenience. There has been rapid growth in the demand for contactless parking payments. By providing them with a range of technologies and flexible options, you can cater to your customers’ comfort and experience with contactless payment.


Benefits of Parking Machines To Car Park Operators

  • Improving return on investment
  • Reduce labour costs
  • More transparency and experience
  • Ease of access
  • Minimum parking traffic
  • Reduced queue times


Benefits of Parking Machines To Customers

  • No need to locate and interact
  • Flexible payment options
  • No traffic congestion
  • No long queues
  • Ease in finding parking spots
  • Seamless entry and exit


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