Euro Parking Services ltd works alongside Landlords to protect and manage their land, we always do our best to prevent misuse of the land, if you have received a PCN from us it must be resolved fully, either in full payment, appeal, debt recovery or court.

Our first stage of legal proceedings is a letter before court action which is dealt with by our in-house legal team. Please note at this stage Euro Parking Services will not accept any further correspondence disputing your case. You will have 14 days to settle the amount if you fail to pay the PCN in full you will receive a court claim form. Please do not ignore the correspondence sent by the court as a County Court Judgement will be issued in default.

Once a County Court Judgment has been entered against you, we will then instruct Court Enforcement officers to obtain payment using different methods to recover payment including attachment of earnings etc. Once your case has been passed onto Court Enforcement agents any further correspondence will only be dealt with by Gladstone solicitors and Euro Parking Services will be unable to deal with your queries.

Euro Parking Services Ltd is dedicated to investing in legal action in order to pursue unpaid Parking Charge Notices (PCNs). Please note that a County Court Judgement could have a serious impact on future credit ratings.

Euro Parking Services Ltd would like to inform you to that we are fully legislated and we work to the strict code of practice of the International Parking Committee (IPC).

We will provide all information and evidence to proceed to litigation and issue court proceedings against any outstanding Parking Charge Notice.