Parking Management

Managing your car parking space can be a bit of a challenge. There are all sorts of complications with constant competitors, software updates, and customer complaints, which can be too much for the average person. On top of that, some people are just not cut out for taking on the task at all and prefer to automate the process easily.

With all this in mind, we have put together some tips to help you understand what you’re getting into, so you can make an informed decision when choosing your software provider or at least have a better understanding of how the parking management software works. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Parking Management Software

Parking management software allows those with parking facilities to manage their existing space better. The general concept is the usage of admin tools that really allows one to optimise their car park, making them more efficient and safe overall. This can create an entirely new business layer and allow car park management businesses to bring in some revenue from companies who want better-maintained spaces for their employees or customers, or even both!

Parking spots have long been considered archaic and inefficient. Once you understand the incredible amount of stress points that can be reduced, not to mention the time saved by simply relying on your mobile device to display or show a barcode and verifying payment right then and there, it’s a no-brainer decision.

This is an essential feature for business owners, especially in metropolitan cities where acquiring both parking and street permits is costly and time-consuming, not to mention frankly confusing in terms of which types of permits are applicable to businesses at which locations.

But as it turns out, parking space management software has enabled any kind of business, as well as certain industries, like retail for one example, among many others, to succeed.


Key Components of Parking Management Software

There are a variety of parking management software products that differ in their functionalities, usage, and overall quality. We’ve taken a look at them, and it’s time we review some of the main things that can help you determine what kind of product will work for you. Here are the critical components of parking management software:


Tracking Traffic

Whether you’re tracking inbound or outbound traffic, it’s crucial to know how many cars are transporting people from one point to another. It may be as easy as having booths at specific locations and signage as a reminder of how many people have passed through in the time frame allotted for this study.

If your team is focusing on people travelling via foot, you may want to try and count free spaces or passersby in a set period. Therefore, the system needs to be able to give you the list of inbound and outbound traffic, whether such movement is on foot or via vehicles. This can be achieved by just tracking available spaces or even the number of vans that pass through in a certain amount of time.


Establish Unique Criteria

Parking space management software should be able to take the stress out of running a car park if used correctly. You will be able to see how many cars are on-site, which ones aren’t being driven regularly, and which ones are needed to be replaced. It’s a great way of keeping track of who is parked where and their reason for parking.

Parking management software allows you to charge different rates depending on the type of car, the day (e.g. a weekend or a week), or the reason behind the parking: whether it’s a disabled space; an authorised employee parking area; or maybe even a VIP zone! In this way, you can make maximum use of your available resources and save some money.


Managing Multiple Locations

Managing and defining parking for multiple locations like a car park with different floors or individual spaces would best suit a parking management application. Any size business can take benefits of this software, but it’s especially effective on large parking spaces as they’ll need to utilise the parking management system more than smaller ones. Managing different locations of a parking site is undeniably a daunting task, especially when a car park is enormous.

You can consider employing multiple people on your site, which can make a hole in your pocket. Therefore, having parking management software with the key feature to manage multiple locations of a big parking lot is indispensable and it will save you from most alot of car park issues.


Provide Reports

A crucial thing when it comes to managing any parking space is having the ability to interpret and reasonably utilise whatever data the parking lot or client’s company provides. In this case, having parking management software that offers accurate information can be a life-saver tool. There are many different methods for improving your parking situation, especially if you’re working on a parking lot management project with multiple locations. For example, using parking management software and leveraging information about how businesses use their parking spaces can prove very useful and help impact ROI.


Payment Options

Making sure your parking management software can handle payments is vital, whether through a card swipe terminal or a cleverer alternative like an online e-wallet. Approaching this sort of integration early on in the project can save on some costs, and in the event that you decide to use a third-party company’s services, for example.

This way, you’ll see your finances managed and accounted for over a network. Nonetheless, when customers have multiple payment options to pay their parking fees, they feel more convenient while making a transaction. They know that there will be an alternative to pay their parking fee if they don’t have a change or their credit card doesn’t work. So, it’s essential to consider when choosing parking management software.

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Parking Permits

Parking management software can make life easier for a number of reasons. Suppose your primary trade involves parking cars, and you often have a big influx of customers for any given period. In that case, you’ll no doubt find it helpful to be able to keep track of them all without having to rely on paper records.

Mainly, when trying to monitor where each car is in the lot at any moment, as well as how much time someone has before they’re due to move their vehicle, it is not always possible when running such an operation manually. You will have complete control over your car park, and you will easily be able to track & manage parking permits.


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