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An Automatic Number Plate Recognition system is basically a device with the ability to automatically identify the number plates of vehicles and record their entering and exiting times. It offers a wide range of advantages to car park owners as well as motorists by making the parking process smoother, faster, and more convenient. It also eliminates the human need to manage a car park, automating the car parking process. Integrating ANPR into a parking lot can make a huge difference; hence, every car park owner should consider utilising this technology to get the most out of their car parks.

Nevertheless, in this write-up, we will learn about the ANPR and try to figure out how this technology is revolutionising the parking industry. So, let’s not waste more of our precious time and look into the topic.


Accuracy of ANPR

ANPR-assisted parking systems are on the rise, with more and more businesses and organisations using Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology to identify incoming and outgoing vehicles (a more automated way of pay-by-plate parking). ANPR has many practical advantages, such as making parking automated and offering a smooth drive-in experience. It requires almost no manual work, creating a win-win situation for motorists as well as parking operators.

However, the accuracy of an ANPR system depends on a wide variety of factors, and if all the crucial points are not considered, the system may show inaccuracy. Remember, if the technology is not used correctly, the outcomes can have a more negative impact than positive.


Issues of an Inaccurate ANPR System

If an ANPR system can’t correctly read a license plate, it not only causes problems at the moment but also causes issues down the line. For example, what if the security team needs to check if a vehicle has been in the area or car park before? Or what if they need to know what time it arrived? Or what if, for any reason, that specific vehicle should be on an unauthorised list, blocking it from future entry? Therefore, it’s vital to accurately install ANPR cameras so the system will not show inaccuracy in any situation. Therefore, having a high-quality ANPR system is indispensable to ensure that your car park never encounters issues because the ANPR system is inaccurate.


Factors Affecting Accuracy of an ANPR System

Despite how good an image you may get of a vehicle, it all comes down to the accuracy of the ANPR software. If there are recognition errors or characters are misread, then the image means nothing. Likewise, even if you have the best ANPR software, it won’t result in proper recognition if the image is too blurry or distorted. Therefore, it’s essential to keep all the factors in mind while setting up an ANPR system in a car park; otherwise, you may end up wasting your money on a system that’s good for nothing. However, below are some important factors that can significantly affect the accuracy of an ANPR system; let’s take a look:


Input Image Quality

The image you provide to the ANPR software should be one in which the car and its license plate are both clearly visible. The license plate itself shouldn’t be too small or blurry, and the physical plate shouldn’t be excessively dirty or damaged. While the software can still manage to read these types of images to some degree, it’s best to eliminate as many of these issues as possible before attempting to run the image. Therefore, it’s indispensable to consider getting high-definition CCTVs so that you can obtain images with higher resolution.


Position of CCTVs

It’s vital to take care of the position of CCTVs while installing them because it plays a prominent role in determining the accuracy of the ANPR system. The camera needs to be set in the correct position to get a clear picture of the license plate. If there’s less distortion in the image, it’s easier for the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) software to work accurately. So, ensure that the ANPR cameras are meticulously installed and have no obstacles between them and the parking spaces. Barriers can prevent ANPR cameras from accurately capturing the number plate, causing a reading problem. So, consider this factor while installing CCTVs in your car park.



When it comes down to capturing images of videos, light plays a prominent role. Without good lighting, capturing high-quality images can never be possible. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure that your parking spaces are clearly visible so that the CCTV cameras can capture clear images. Remember, images that are too dark, or have low contrast between the number plate and its characters, can make it difficult for ANPR software to do its job. That’s why the proper ANPR cameras have built-in infrared illumination to help with imaging in the daytime and nighttime conditions. However, you should not overlook the importance of good illumination in a car park.


ANPR Software

Last but not least, ANPR software is one of the most important things in an ANPR system, determining its accuracy. So, you should get an ANPR system with high-end software so that you can get the most out of your ANPR system. Remember, there is more to consider than just the accuracy rate when evaluating an ANPR software product. You need to ensure that the recognition speed of the software is up to the mark. Additionally, you should also take a look at the software’s geographical coverage and flexibility to deal with exceptional cases.


Why Use ANPR Technology

An ANPR system can take your car park to the next level by helping you manage it efficiently. It can utterly automate your parking lot by enabling you to integrate an access control system and keep an eye on your parking lot. The technology even mitigates the chances for parking abuse in a car park as it won’t give access to an unauthorised vehicle. Additionally, the ANPR system can be integrated with a parking payment machine, making the entire payment process in a parking lot completely automatic. Hence, anyone with a parking lot, regardless of its size, should consider utilising the ANPR technology.


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