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Whether it’s land attached to your home or a completely separate entity, we understand the frustrations when it comes to car owners parking on your private land without authorization. It’s also a source of lost revenue as these vehicles use spaces that authorized paying customers could use.

As one of the major car park management companies, this article aims to guide you on how to manage people parking without permission or authorization on your private land or car park or Unauthorised parking on private property UK.

Solution: Act pre-emptively

The best way to manage unauthorized parking is to act pre-emptively before you have to struggle with the vehicle appearing on your property. There are various things you can do for parking enforcement in your car park.


Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)


Using Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) can be beneficial for your car park and help you get rid of pesky parkers. An ANPR system acts as a 24-hour virtual warden on-site without the need for human presence and records footage of everyone driving in and out. It means that you have proof of unauthorized vehicles that makes it easier to make a case against the drivers. ANPR technology helps you determine whether the motorists are authorized and have paid for the parking space, as appropriate.

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Use Signs

There are legal routes for the laws of contract and trespass to apply. You can put up adequate signs to demonstrate clearly that there is no parking without authorization. Make it clear that anyone caught parking without authorization will be incurred parking charges for violating this rule. However, make sure to note that you cannot threaten to clamp the wheels of unauthorized vehicles, as this is illegal.


Use online parking booking systems

Online parking space booking systems help you keep your car park spaces for genuine users. This will provide your customers with flexibility and minimize the opportunity for people to overstay, as customers pay for parking their vehicles in advance. With a quick and simple online booking platform, motorists can book convenient parking spaces.


Lighting and CCTV

Maintaining the security of your car park is essential for many reasons. It also plays a vital role in discouraging unauthorized vehicles from parking on your premises. Safety is something you must prioritize in your car park. Hence, consider lighting, accessibility, and crime prevention and detection technology such as CCTV.



Self-ticketing is an effective way to manage your parking location. Self-ticketing helps you can create your parking tickets and issue PCNs yourself, without any external help. It deters motorists who park without authorization on your premises. This results in a significant drop in unauthorized parking. Self-ticketing systems are straightforward to implement and can help generate income while minimizing any losses made due to unauthorized parking.

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How Can Euro Parking Services Help You Prevent Unauthorized Parking?


As one of the leading car park management companies, we at Euro Parking Services provide you with various technologies that will help you resolve the issue of unauthorized parking.

Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition with an integrated CCTV camera ensures high-quality image recordings of all vehicles entering and exiting your property by installing the cameras at the entrance and exit of your car park. Our ANPR service acts as a deterrent to unauthorized vehicles, ensuring no such vehicles enter your premises.

Our car park signs are International Parking Community (IPC) approved and are compatible with the latest IPC’s code of conduct for parking charges.

Our effective self-ticketing service enables you to take complete control of your car park. Our service provides you with better car park management, which means you can maintain brand continuity and eradicate poor parking behaviors across your site.

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