Illegal Parking

Parking organisation and management are daunting; we need a lot of resources and manpower to make parking an easy task for motorists. However, utilisation of the latest technology and parking equipment has made it possible for parking space owners to manage their car park with ease. Parking payment machines, ANPR cameras, and other smart solutions have made it possible to manage parking spaces without human intervention. However, car parks that haven’t started utilising the latest parking innovations are still facing the issue of illegal parking, and if you are here, it means you are probably encountering the same issue.

In this write-up, we will look at some effective tips to prevent illegal parking on private land. So, without delay, let’s deep dive into the topic.


What is Illegal Parking?

Illegal parking can be referred to as unauthorised parking; the only difference is that the act of parking a vehicle without authority on a road is considered illegal parking, while parking a car on private land without permission is called unauthorised parking. Idle land owners and even sometimes car park owners observe that some motorists use their property to park their vehicles without even taking their permission. Some idle land owners don’t consider it a big issue, but parking businesses detest such activities as they negatively affect their revenues and overall business.

When a parker abuses a parking space, it causes inconvenience to other motorists as the parking spot is not used by the right parker. It sometimes irritates the customers and makes them think of alternatives to a business they have been visiting for a long period. Parking experience plays a prominent role in determining how many customers will visit your business on a daily basis and how many of them turn into loyal buyers. Therefore, getting rid of parking abusers is indispensable for the success of any parking business.


How to Prevent Unauthorised Parking

Parking violations can significantly affect your parking business and change your regular customers’ perception of you. People prefer convenience, and when they face issues while parking their vehicles, they start getting feeling that they should have visited somewhere else. Therefore, it’s indispensable for car park owners to take the act of parking violation seriously and implement effective methods to cope with it. Moreover, below are some efficacious tips to prevent unauthorised parking in your car park:


Enforce Parking Rules

Implementing parking rules in your car park will make motorists aware of what they should do and what they shouldn’t when they enter your car park. Therefore, parking enforcement is vital. Well, there are several authorised and accredited car park management companies in the United Kingdom. You can get in touch with one of them in order to get parking enforcement services. These agencies will enforce parking rules in your car park and ensure no one violates them. Nevertheless, if any motorist abuses your car park after parking enforcement, your partner company will make that person pay the penalty by generating a PCN.


Erect Signage

Another great way to prevent parking abuse in a car park is by erecting clear parking signage so that motorists can know what rules they must follow while leaving their vehicles in your car park. Keep in mind that not all motorists enter a car park with an intention to abuse it; some care about the rules and want to follow them. However, sometimes obedient motorists make mistakes owing to the lack of visibility of parking signs. Therefore, being a responsible & honest parking garage owner, you must conspicuously erect parking signage so that people can easily read what’s mentioned in it.


Install ANPR Cameras

An automated number plate recognition system can be an excellent tool to have complete control of your car park. These systems can automatically recognise the number plates of vehicles and let you know which ones are authorised and which aren’t. ANPR cameras can keep an eye on your car park 24/7 and let you know which vehicle entered your car park at what time and when it left. Installing an ANPR system in your parking garage will even help you control your access to it if you integrate it with a barrier system. Then no unauthorised vehicle will be able to enter your car park without your permission. You can get several other advantages by integrating ANPR cameras in your car parks, such as enhanced security, better tracking, and more. So, if you want to prevent parking abuse in your parking space, it’s high time you consider installing ANPR cameras.


Get a Parking Payment Machine

Having a parking payment machine in your car park will enable motorists to make payment to pay the parking fee quickly. Remember, no one wants to stand in long queues and waste their valuable time paying a parking fee, people prefer quick & effective services. So, when motorists see that they have to wait in a long queue to obtain a parking ticket, they try to avoid paying.

Installing a parking kiosk gives motorists flexibility to pay the parking fee; they can use multiple payment options and don’t need to carry cash anymore. In fact, if your payment machine allows parkers to pay via phone, it can even improve their experience. There are so many advantages that you can leverage by integrating a parking payment machine in your car park, and of course, this will also reduce parking abuse in your car park.


Get Parking Management Services

One of the best ways to get rid of parking abusers is to get in touch with a car park management company to get innovative parking management solutions. Remember, no matter how hard you try, you might not always be able to fetch the outcomes that a professional can do. Therefore, taking help from professionals is vital to managing a car park. A parking management company can analyse your car park and prepare a strategy best suited to your business needs. Additionally, these professionals have years of experience, making them efficient and influential decision-makers.

However, choosing the right car park management company can be challenging as so many options are out there in the UK. But you don’t need to get flustered because Euro Parking Services is here to help you. We are a renowned car park management company in Birmingham with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Our solutions are affordable and effective for all kinds of parking spaces. So, please feel free to give us a call today to get your car park impeccably managed.


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