Ticketless Parking System

Losing a parking ticket can be really annoying since you have to waste your precious time resolving the issue. Instances occur when you could be charged the maximum daily cost for 30-minutes parking stay. Fortunately, with the emergence of parking management technology, ticketless parking systems have become increasingly popular. With these systems, customers do not need to worry about tickets or losing change to access parking, which makes their parking experience seamless.

Read on to explore how ticketless parking systems work and their benefits to the operators and customers.


What is Ticketless Parking?

The ticketless parking system is an ingenious parking solution that eliminates the use of physical paper tickets. Instead, digital modules are used for access and payment. This fabulous ticketless parking system eradicates the need for the hardware equipment. This way, it reduces operating costs, resolves the issue with lost tickets, and improves traffic flow.

This smart parking solution identifies the vehicle registration number of the parking customer with an ANPR camera as they enter the premises. This way, it opens the barrier automatically, and the customer parks their vehicles in space. When the customer wants to exit, they need to pay for their stay before that. Additionally, parking customers have a variety of methods to pay their parking fees.

The ticketless parking system is perfect for all types of parking facilities, whether small or large.


Digital access modules for ticketless parking systems:


A frictionless ticketless parking system requires digital access modules that control traffic in and out of the car park and identify each vehicle. The two significant digital modules for smooth operation include:


ANPR Cameras

A ticketless parking system uses ANPR cameras to identify VRNs for vehicles. For new parking customers, the ANPR camera registers new VRNs and allows their access. For existing customers or customers booked and paid online, the ANPR system provides immediate access, because the VRN is previously registered.

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Mobile Parking App

Most ticketless parking systems have a mobile parking app to enhance convenience for car park users. With a few clicks, customers can quickly book and pay for their parking stay in advance via a special mobile app. These apps also work as remote controllers that open the barrier. This is possible with the generation of digital tickets. When a customer wants to leave, they can pay online.


Why You Should Go For Ticketless Parking Systems

A ticketless parking system offers several benefits for both the customer and the parking operator.


Benefits of Ticketless Parking Systems for Customers

  • Improved customer experience and convenience

Parking customers find ticketless parking systems much more convenient as they do not need to wait at the ticket station to get a receipt with the number plate recognition software. This way, customers have minimal interaction with the parking management system that is far more hassle-free.

  • Easy entry/exit

The ticketless system makes the entry/exit process easier for customers. By installing such type of parking solution, you can provide your customers with a convenient parking experience. Automatic barrier opens – no more waste of time for getting a paper ticket.

  • Privacy

Customers can rest assured that their personal information is secured since the system does not record personal data. The only information software captures is the VRNs, parking fee paid, and timestamps.

  • Online payments

This innovative parking management solution offers various modern methods for online payments. Customers can easily pay for their parking stay via a mobile app.

However, there still will be a pay station for the traditionalists which means they can pay by coins, credit/debit cards, banknotes, etc. Moreover, parking customers can pay for their stay in advance.

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Benefits of Ticketless Parking Systems for Parking Operators


  • Reduced expenses and more revenue

The introduction of a ticketless system reduces the need for hardware equipment, saving the administrator the cost of purchasing the devices and unnecessary maintenance expenses. This way, parking operators can save money from reduced investment costs. Moreover, this solution minimizes the costs for paper tickets, replacing them with virtual ones.

  • Reduced on-site staff

This is an autonomous parking management solution that works without or with less on-site stuff. Instead, it controls access to the car park via different digital modules and cloud-based software. Also, the ticketless system can work 24/7, non-stop day and night.

  • Improved customer satisfaction

Ticketless parking offers customers ease and is simpler to manage. It also reduces traffic and long queues, thus enhancing customer satisfaction as they don’t have to deal with parking machines, queues or other inconveniences. This augments the loyalty and repeated visits of customers, hence boosting overall satisfaction.

  • Remote Control Parking

The parking operator has complete control of the car park irrespective of where they are as they can manage the booking and payments from a computer or mobile phone. The remote control also enables you to close or open the barriers in case of an emergency.

We, from Euro Parking Services, offer a complete ticketless parking system with our ANPR cameras and phone parking partner, RingGo. All you need to do is download the RingGo app and register a few details. It takes just 15-16 seconds to pay by mobile phone. Select the registration of the vehicle you’re parking, enter the location code shown on the machine or nearby signs, and choose the time you want to stay. Confirm your payment, and you’re done.

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