Impact of Automated Parking Systems

While cars may become more efficient with technical innovations and ec0-friendly solutions, designers are still looking into how they can create a more positive impact on the environment. Have you ever been to a large public parking lot that has no automated parking management solutions? If yes, then you might have observed that plenty of spaces are not being used efficiently, cars are not parked properly, and motorists do not have a good parking experience. All these things collectively cause a negative impact on the environment and pollute it.

In this write-up, we will learn how an automated parking system can help us improve the environment. So, let’s not waste more time & cut to the chase!


Requires Lesser Space

Parking lots are indispensable, but they consume a lot of space! And that’s pretty bad because the space that is once taken up by cars could be used for growing plants which help to clean the air and also protect different types of wildlife around your building. While this may not get you higher property value, at least visually speaking, it makes your buildings look good too! However, this problem can be resolved by utilising smart parking solutions and turning normal car parks into automated ones, such as vertical car parks.

Vertical parking lots and raised parking lots make better use of the space already available, and it’s easier to park there since motorists don’t have to worry about getting rammed by other vehicles in the tight spaces when someone else whips into the parking spot before them. It just makes sense to use these kinds of parking systems over regular ones because they can help you create more room in other portions of land that might be unused! It can help you get the most out of your parking lot.


No Need for New Construction

Installing a car lift on your land is an excellent way of maximising space and getting the most out of your existing construction. By installing the right equipment, you can house more cars within the same parking lot. What’s more, it means that you can save money in many ways. Without any new construction, there are no requirements to apply for permits and get approval. No environmental studies are required on new parking lots. And not buying new land nearby means you aren’t spending on additional concrete, asphalt, gravel, or other materials and paying for more manpower across the board, including electricians, plumbers, landscapers, and everyone else required for excavating, pouring, and setting up a new parking lot. It will even allow you to save time.

By setting up innovative parking solutions in your existing parking lot, you can increase its efficiency and also not harm the environment. The latest parking innovations are exemplary for saving the environment and getting the most out of the existing parking lot.



A completely automated parking lot is a thing of pride as it offers you a streamlined parking management experience, so you don’t need to worry about parking attendants. Their absence means that your garage does not need as much air circulation in the facility, so costs for ventilation will be minimal even though you won’t have to worry about the environment as much because fewer people will come into your lot. Unlike traditional parking garages, though, it’s still essential that the occupants of the space feel safe. So, minimum ventilation is a must. However, looking at the overall outcomes, this kind of parking system can save a lot of money as it will consume much less energy.

Another great thing about an automated car park is that when vehicles arrive, they are turned off. An automated parking space doesn’t require cars to run to get them parked, so they don’t burn fuel, saving natural resources and the environment.


Highly Secure

Security is one of the most important factors of consideration, and this is something that no car owners would ever overlook. Automated garages are set in such a way that when the door to your car closes, it locks and seals automatically, securing your vehicle. You will know thieves will never get to your cars because they can’t be opened from the outside anymore. All of this security also goes towards keeping your vehicle safe from harm as well. So not only will you know that your car is no longer at risk for any theft-related crime, but in addition, you’ll also save yourself some money on insurance since there won’t be any reason for you to pay insurance against theft or vandalism as those crimes won’t occur anymore!

Automated parking spaces are very secure, making it an ideal choice for parking lot owners to update their car parks to get the most out of them. Additionally, when motorists know that their vehicles will remain safe in your car park, they will keep visiting you.


Modern & Efficient Solution

As modern constructed structures, automated parking lots are also built with modern amenities in mind. The construction of parking lots also tries to minimise environmental damage by using recycled materials and making it a point to access solar power as much as possible. Automated car parks make use of space that would otherwise go unused or become an eyesore in some way or another. For example, do you know how sometimes your driveway can look like a mess? You might have also faced problems while parking your car in a traditional parking lot, maybe because it was not well-organised or had any other issues.

On the other hand, automated parking lots look eye-catching and allow car owners to park their cars easily! They are perfect to meet the modern needs of motorists and parking space owners and save the environment simultaneously.


How Euro Parking Services Can Help You

We at Euro Parking Services are experienced professionals with over 15 years of expertise in managing parking spaces. We can provide you with effective & innovative parking management solutions to help you cope with issues that arise in parking spaces. We offer a wide range of smart parking management solutions, including ANPR integration, CCTV enforcement, self-ticketing, pay & display, and more. So, if you want to make your parking lot utterly automated, get in touch with us.


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