The Benefits of Integrating ANPR with Other Intelligent Systems

Transportation is an inseparable part of our life and plays a vital role in commuting from one place to another in a short period. Gone are the days when roads were empty, and we barely would see vehicles running through our streets. These days, almost everyone owns a vehicle in the UK as it offers convenience & saves time. However, the challenges the world is facing right now because of the excess of automobiles on the roads can’t be overlooked. Some countries are facing the issue of traffic congestion owing to a dearth of parking infrastructure, while other countries are finding it difficult to enforce parking rules.

Fortunately, the UK has good parking infrastructures & we are pretty much successful with parking enforcement. However, some vehicle owners don’t abide by the parking rules sometimes, creating obstruction & other safety issues in car parks. Thankfully, we have developed technology like ANPR, which benefits the parking industry and the transportation system in various ways. Moreover, in this piece of writing, we are going to take a look at the advantages of integrating ANPR technology with some intelligent transportation & parking systems. So, let’s take a look without further ado!



One of the most beneficial things about integrating ANPR technology with other intelligent systems is automation. We often need to employ staff to keep machines functional which is comparatively expensive and inefficient. We need to pay employees, but devices need a one-time investment, and if they are of premium quality, they require fewer maintenance costs. Integrating ANPR technology with intelligent systems eliminates our dependency on staff because these systems can now operate without human intervention. ANPR stands for Automated Number Plate Recognition, which means the technology can automatically detect the vehicle’s registration number plates and save the details to the central system. So, there’s no need to stay in front of monitors to keep an eye on a site. The surveillance system integrated with ANPR technology allows you to access the data anytime easily. And the best thing is that these systems can be combined with other systems like payment machines & barrier gates, making the facility completely automated.


Enhanced Security of Car Parks

Ensuring the security of motorists and general people in & around a car park is crucial. However, following the conventional way to improve the safety of a parking facility isn’t economical as it involves hiring a lot of security staff. So, opting for the latest technology, such as ANPR and other innovative systems, can be a prudent decision. These systems require a one-time investment and need very low maintenance. Keep in mind that when customers visit your car park in order to leave their vehicles for a certain period, they expect security. They want to stay away from all kinds of troubles, so it’s imperative not to disappoint the customers.

Installing CCTV cameras, barrier systems, and other security systems gives motorists a sense of security and improves the car park’s credibility. ANPR technology enables the car park to automatically track authorised and unauthorised vehicles, making the facility extra secure. It instantly alerts you to take necessary actions in case of an unfortunate incident in car parks. Therefore, it is indispensable to utilise ANPR technology to integrate it with other parking systems for enhanced security of car parks.


Reduced Parking Violations

Parking misconduct has always been a significant problem for car park owners as it significantly mitigates the parking efficiency of car parks, causes inconvenience to motorists, reduces parking revenue, and more. Car parks that are easily accessible to motorists and don’t include ANPR systems are prone to parking violations. On the other hand, when a car park has ANPR systems, parking misconduct issues are automatically reduced. But how? ANPR systems prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering the car park and ensure that no one can leave the parking area without making the payment. This means motorists need to pay parking fees for using the parking facility, and the system also tracks who is following the terms and conditions and who are not. Therefore, it’s imperative to integrate the ANPR technology with other systems in a car park.


Better Evidence Collection

One of the best things about integrating ANPR technology with a surveillance system is the improved evidence-collection process. ANPR cameras allow you to keep a watchful eye on your parking facility without needing to be in front of the monitor. All the footage will be recorded in the main system that you can watch whenever you want. So, if an unfortunate incident occurs in your car park and you suspect someone of wrongdoing, you can check the footage to find the culprit. The ANPR cameras allow you to present the evidence in court so that judge can make the right decision and punish the culprit. It can considerably improve your car park’s security and your image before your customers.


The Bottom Line

So, these are some prominent advantages that a car park owner can leverage by integrating the ANPR technology with other intelligent systems and using them collectively in a car park. If you also own a parking facility and struggle to manage it properly, you should get in touch with Euro Parking Services. We are a leading parking management company based in Birmingham, UK. We have expertise in offering a wide range of parking management solutions, including ANPR, CCTV parking enforcement, pay & display, cash for land, and so forth. So, kindly give us a call.

We will visit your site for free to evaluate what parking solutions will be the best for you and then accordingly prepare an enforcement plan. We will ensure no motorist violates your car park. If anyone doesn’t abide by the parking terms & conditions, we will issue a PCN against the motorist to penalise the abuser. This will start reducing the parking violation incidents in your car park and give you an opportunity to earn extra revenue. So, it’s high time to contact Euro Parking Services to get the best ANPR services in the UK.


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