Struggling With Unauthorized Parking? We Can Help You!

We understand that unauthorized parking can be a severe headache to you and your car park users who use your services legally. These unauthorized vehicles taking up a designated space for your staff and customers can place serious strain on your internal teams, affecting customer experience and a potential loss of revenue.


Therefore, controlling your car park to prevent unauthorized access is extremely important. This will ensure that your parking facility runs more seamlessly, and authorized motorists will be able to find parking bays without hassle, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

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How Can You Deter Unauthorized Parking?

Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

If you are dealing with unauthorized parking, our ANPR service could be the right option for you. As a means of boosting the car park’s security, it keeps an eye on your car park 24 hours a day, recording footage of everyone driving in and out. This makes the technology highly helpful in criminal cases, providing valuable evidence and information that can be used later in an investigation if needed. Our ANPR cameras match each vehicles’ number with its records, determining which users are legitimate and, if appropriate, whether they’ve paid. This serves as a deterrent to any loss in revenue generation and improves your car park’s safety.

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Self-ticketing Service

Issuing parking charge notices (PCNs) for unauthorized car parking is one of the biggest problems as the process is quite complex and expensive. However, you can eliminate all these issues with our effective Self-ticketing service. This significantly reduces unauthorized parking and provides free space in your parking facility to your genuine customers, providing better services and generating more income. Therefore, whether you are a car park owner or an authorized landowner, we can help you with everything you need to run an effective car park.

Car Park Barriers

To protect your car parks from unauthorized vehicles, ensure appropriate signage and warnings against potential offenders. However, this can’t be enough to restrict unauthorized parking in some cases. You must also consider physical security solutions to reduce parking abuse. You can install an access prevention system such as a car park barrier to ensure that only authorized personnel can access your car parks. Our car park barriers can be beneficial to block unauthorized vehicles. Unless the barriers are not provided with any command, they don’t move and restrict any unauthorized vehicle’s entry into your car park. It ensures that no vehicle can enter and harm your parking space or other vehicles parked there. This provides you with security and ensures the car park is efficiently used.

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