Stores and Supermarkets

At Euro Parking Services, we manage car parks for quite a large number of stores and super market chains. Examples of some of the big brands we provide services to, include Tesco, Lidl, Home Bargains, Iceland, Staples(Office Outlet) and many others..

In order to enable customers visiting premises of our clients in this sector to enjoy the best shopping experience, we make sure that we provide them with safe and secure parking. We know that car parks face many issues on a daily basis. Typically, these include,

   Motorists Parking their cars and going elsewhere
   Abuse of Disabled Spaces
   Abuse of Parent and Child Bays
   Parking on a Restricted Area of The Car Park
   Parking on Loading Bays

We believe every car park is different and therefore we do not adopt a “one size fits all” approach. Rather, we always conduct a site evaluation report and then recommend bespoke solutions, which will cover all aspects of operations of such the car parks in question. This report takes into account the size, nature and location of the car park, amongst other things. A few solutions that we have previously recommended for such businesses include:
   ANPR Cameras
   Payment Machines
   Maximum Stay Period
   Terminals on Checkout Counters
   Parking Officer Services.

Our solutions will not just help businesses like yours to increase the space availability in your car park but will also provide an extra-added security bonus!

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