We manage many shopping centres and retail parks across the UK. These sites tend to have different parking zones for different users. For example, a shopping centre may consist of a customer car park, service yard and a staff car park. The parking restrictions may differ for each zone. We are able to address multiple problems with our tailored solutions.

Examples for the problems such car parks face include, but not limited to:
   Shoppers overstaying their visit
   Staff abusing customer parking
   Motorists not paying for their parking
   Shoppers parking in Service Yards
   Shoppers parking in ways that obstruct other vehicles

As every car park is different, our recommended solutions will differ according to the needs of each car park. Rest is assured that the solutions we offer are tried and tested. They’ve helped our clients gain control of their car parks and YOU can do the same with YOURS.

A few examples of the solutions we offer are:
   Pay and display or other payment options
   Maximum Stay
   ANPR, CCTV and Patrol Officer Enforcement
   Permit Zones / Delivery Only / No Parking zones.

We always encourage our potential clients to get a “no obligation” site evaluation report from us. It allows us to study the parking issues you face after which we can recommend what we believe will be the best solution for you. We know that our services need to help your business to achieve profitability and efficiency at the same time. Most importantly, our service must be to your best interest.

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