Self-Ticketing car park management

One of the biggest headaches for car park owners is deciding how to issue parking charge notices (PCNs) for unauthorised parking. Typically, this can be a costly affair that requires the services of dedicated car park attendants. This becomes expensive since it’s yet another contract you’ll need to take on board. If you own a private car park, self-ticketing may be your answer, and Euro Parking Services can help you with that.

You can gain complete control over your car park with our self-ticketing service. Self-ticketing is ideal for small to medium-sized car parks (e.g. office car parks) or any car park where there is an existing security team (e.g. universities and shopping centres). We at Euro Parking Services are among the leading self-ticketing parking companies in the United Kingdom (Based in Birmingham) and serve Manchester, Sheffield, London, Newcastle, Liverpool, and several other locations.

Advantages of Self-Ticketing Service

Maximum Control for Car Park Managers

You can have complete control over your car park with our self-ticketing service because you will not require anyone to generate a PCN. You can do it via the ZatMobile app.

Short or Long-Term Options

You can opt to get our self-ticketing service for your car park for a long or short period, depending on your needs. We offer flexible parking management services.

Access to Our Online System

You can easily access our online system via the ZatMobile app to send photos of the vehicles abusing your car park and generate a parking charge notice.

Eliminates Confrontational Situations

No car owner can know who sent the photos of their vehicle; the entire process will take place under the name of our car park management company, Euro Parking Services.

Free Evaluation and Estimation

Our online system can automatically evaluate and estimate the parking penalty; you just need to share the details of the car that is violating the parking rules in your car park.

Time-Efficient & Affordable

You don’t need to spend a lot of time generating a PCN; the mobile app boasts a straightforward UI. You just need to send the relevant images, and we will do the rest.

How Does Self-Ticketing Work?

Looking for a self-ticketing parking company that makes issuing PCNs ultra-simple and straightforward? Our parking ticket management software has you covered. When you implement a self-ticketing system from Euro Parking Services, all you have to do is take photos of the offending cars via our app (available on both iPhone and Android). The app then uploads the photo securely to our server.

You’ll remain anonymous – the motorist in question will never be informed of your identity, meaning you will never have to engage in confrontation again. Our car park signs clearly display our company’s name to ensure that parking abusers are aware that the parking control is our responsibility and not yours. Motorists simply receive their PCNs by post. We request their details from the DVLA, so you don’t have to do anything.



Download the ZatMobile app from the app store or Google play and create an account. Within 15 days, you’ll receive delivery of your car parking signs.


Once you have installed the signs, you will have a legally enforceable controlled parking zone.


Take a picture of the offending vehicle through the app and we can issue the driver with a PCN.

How Self-Ticketing Offers Convenience to Parking Owners

Easy-to-Use Mobile App


No External Help Needed

Free Site Visit

Additional Revenue from PCNs

We are reliable

No Red Tape

Clients Testimonials

“Euro Parking Services provides a profitable self-ticketing parking solution to prevent car owners from parking on your property without permission. Whether you are a car park owner or an authorised landowner, they facilitate you with everything you need to run your car park smoothly.”

Benjamin Clark

“We were looking for ways to fix our car park issues and operate a tightly controlled car park. We contacted Euro Parking Services for help. Their self-ticketing service provided us with better car park management that allowed us to maintain brand continuity and reduce poor parking behaviours across our site.”

Oliver Lewis

“We managed to improve our car park management by creating our parking tickets and issuing PCNs ourselves, without any external help. Thanks to the team of EPS who worked closely with us and provided us with their self-ticketing parking enforcement service. This enabled us to make the most of our car park. ”

Alexander Walker

“We wanted to take full control of our car park, so we chose Euro Parking Services to manage our car park. Their effective self-ticketing service helped us understand the issues we were facing and resolve them effectively to enhance our car park operations.”

Hazel Robinson