Revolutionising Parking Management with Automated Number Plate Recognition

Managing a car park manually is nothing but a daunting task. It also involves unnecessary expenses as it requires hiring staff. Therefore, going automatic is an excellent way to make car parks more efficient and generate the utmost possible revenue. However, the question is how one can automate one’s parking lot. Well, it is pretty simple, a parking lot can be automated by integrating the latest technology and parking systems. For example, integrating an ANPR system can make parking lot owners free from keeping an eye on entering & exiting vehicles in a car park. Moreover, in this write-up, we will learn how ANPR technology can revolutionise car parks. Let’s take a look!


How Do ANPR Cameras Work?

When the ANPR technology is integrated with CCTV cameras, it creates a fantastic system with the capability to make care parks automatic & secure. ANPR cameras can scan the number plates of entering and exiting vehicles in car parks in order to detect their details. The system can detect the vehicle numbers and save the details in the backend, which is used for a variety of purposes. Keep in mind that an ANPR system only keeps the inputs of the vehicles with time and their numbers. It doesn’t have to do anything with restricting users from entering a car park. However, details of vehicle owners obtained via an ANPR system can be used to allow listing and blocklisting, vehicle owners.

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ANPR & Automation of Car Parks

Now the question is, can ANPR really make a car park automatic? Well, the answer is yes, but a few things need to be considered. Keep in mind that only an ANPR camera can’t automate a parking garage; we will require to integrate a few other systems too. For example, a barrier system, also called access control, a parking payment terminal, and of course, a CCTV system. Keep in mind the above-mentioned systems should be the latest ones with an option to integrate ANPR technology. Now, let’s try to understand how all these systems can work together in order to automate a parking facility.

The ANPR technology can detect vehicle numbers and send the details to the main system. This data can be used to track whether the coming vehicle is whitelisted or blacklisted in order to determine whether the barrier gates open for the car or not. If the vehicle is authorised, it shall be allowed to enter the car park; thus, the barrier gates will automatically open. Now, the vehicle owner has to make a payment using the payment terminal installed in the parking facility. Once the machine receives the payment, the details shall be sent again to the main system, which is also integrated with ANPR technology. It will help the system understand whether the barrier system will open when the car owner attempts to go out of the car park. So, that’s how a car park can be automated with the help of ANPR technology.


Benefits of an ANPR System in Parking Lots

Integrating ANPR systems in parking garages can undeniably make the entire parking process automatic, but there could be several other benefits that parking lot owners can leverage from ANPR technology.


Improved Security

One of the best things about ANPR systems is that they significantly improve the security of parking garages. It makes it possible to keep a watchful eye on the entire parking area, allowing owners to know who enters their premises at what time & frequency. ANPR cameras can even make people aware of the fact that they’re being monitored, and if they try to do anything unusual, they may be arrested. Nonetheless, ANPR systems also deter unauthorised vehicles from entering the parking area with the help of a barrier gate. 


More Revenue

Installing ANPR cameras and other ANPR systems can help car owners generate more revenue. It is because these systems significantly ameliorate the efficiency of car parks and the experience of motorists. Keep in mind that when vehicle owners don’t face challenges when entering and going out of a car park, they prefer to visit such parking garages again and again. It improves the frequency of customers on a business site, increasing the revenue of parking owners. Nonetheless, when integrating ANPR systems in car parks, the dependency of the owners on staff becomes lesser, saving staffing costs. Isn’t it a stupendous way to save expenses in a car park and improve the efficiency of a parking site? Therefore, it is an excellent way to improve the revenue of a car park. So, every parking site owner should consider integrating ANPR systems in their parking lot.


The Bottom Line

If you own a car park, you should also consider installing ANPR systems to ameliorate its efficiency and revenue. However, choosing a reliable parking management company can be challenging as so many options exist in the United Kingdom. No need to get flustered! You can contact Euro Parking Services, a renowned car park management company. We have been helping parking lot owners in the UK for over 15 years to manage their parking areas. We have expertise in preventing parking violations by implementing the latest parking management solutions. We use the latest technology such as ANPR, pay & display, high-tech CCTVs, and other systems to revolutionise the way of parking management.

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