Pubs and Restaurant

The Pubs and Restaurant market tends to be quite a competitive one. In order to attract more customers and to stay ahead of the competition, businesses are offering onsite parking (sometimes for free). The main objective for our clients in this sector who approach us for help is to make parking convenient and safe for their customers. This can turn out to be a challenging “ask”, given the following problems that clients in this sector face when it comes to their car parks:

   Motorists leaving cars on such car parks whilst they go elsewhere.
   Misuse of such Car Parks by local businesses
   Motorists using the car park as a “park and ride” service.
   Unauthorised Over Night Parking, and;
   Guests not paying night charges

Our clients prefer to have their car parks reserved for their customers use. Our solutions will help you control your car park exactly in the manner you want. You can offer free parking to genuine paying customers and deter others with enforcement services. A popular solution that many in this sector opt for is to encourage motorists to pay for parking if they don’t intend to use your restaurant or pub whilst offering free parking to genuine customers visiting your business. You can reserve bays for your customers giving them the convenience of parking space every time they visit your premises.

Our solutions can be modular (depending on your requirements), a few of which are;
   Pay and display machines or other payment options
   ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
   Patrol Officer Enforcement
   Access Control
   Terminals to allow Guests Free/Discounted Parking

The solutions we will recommend will vary in accordance to your parking problems and priorities. However, you can rest assured that we will always have your best interest at heart at all times when our surveyors discuss the various options available to you. You may opt for a choice to make your parking profitable, efficient or convenient for your business. You can mix and match between solutions and select the right one that best meets your needs.

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