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Undoubtedly, the UK comes at the top of the list of countries with the best parking infrastructure. The roads are well-structured & have adequate space for vehicles as well as pedestrians. However, when it comes to dealing with parking violations, the country is still struggling. Well, the government has significantly improved the parking management processes with the help of IPC, BPA, and several other entities associated with the parking industry. However, many people still need to develop a habit of obeying parking rules & regulations, especially when they use private parking spaces. Moreover, in this piece of writing, we are going to learn how the management and enforcement take place in private car parks in the United Kingdom. So, without further ado, let’s cut to the chase!


Need for Parking Enforcement

Implementing rules is indispensable to ensure people follow certain patterns when they are on a specific premise. In the case of parking areas, abiding by the terms & conditions can be very beneficial for the parking owner as well as the motorists using the spaces. For this, enforcement of rules is necessary. When we implement some rules & regulations or terms & conditions on a car park or private property for vehicle owners to make sure they don’t cause obstruction or any problem in the car park, it is considered parking enforcement. It is crucial because it offers a wide range of advantages, such as it makes it aware parkers that if they don’t follow the rules, they may have to pay the penalty & be ready to deal with the aftermath. However, below are mentioned some reasons why there is a need for parking enforcement in car parks:



As we discussed, parking enforcement makes motorists aware of the fact that they will have to pay the penalty or face severe consequences if they break the rules in a car park. They will know that they might be being observed via a CCTV camera and being recorded with the help of a surveillance system. Parking enforcement also includes erecting signage in the parking garage to let motorists know that the area they are in is enforced with parking restrictions. So, they must read the signage carefully to understand how they should park and what the parking fees are depending on duration and other factors. The signage may also include the penalty amount for violating the parking terms & conditions. However, the government of the UK has set a certain amount for parking penalty fees that no parking enforcement company must exceed while issuing a PCN against a motorist.



Parking enforcement makes it compulsory for motorists to follow specific rules & regulations. Keep in mind that without enforcement, no car park owner can issue PCNs against vehicle owners for violating rules. So, enforcing parking restrictions is a necessity to impose compulsion in parking garages for vehicle owners to use the spaces in a specific way. For example, a car owner must not use two parking bays, only blue badge holders must use disabled parking spaces, and so forth. Keep in mind that despite all these rules & compulsion to follow them, car parks still struggle to completely prevent parking violators from causing problems. So, we need to do something more useful & result-oriented for the safety of car parks and the people around them.



Another crucial reason for enforcing parking restrictions in car parks is to increase efficiency. Let’s understand this. Suppose you own a car park which doesn’t have any rules & regulations to follow. So, customers visiting your car park will not have any clear instructions, so they will leave their vehicles the way they want, decreasing the efficiency of your parking garage. But how? Suppose some of the cars are parked at the entrance or exit of your car park; now, other vehicle owners will find it challenging to enter the car park. Additionally, people won’t even consider paying the parking fees as they know nothing is going to happen. A lack of vehicle arrangement will take more space than required, mitigating your car park’s efficiency. On the other hand, when you enforce parking rules in your car park, people will park their vehicles in a certain arrangement, ameliorating your car park’s efficiency.



One of the best advantages of parking enforcement is an increase in revenue generated from vehicle owners. Well, it is a simple calculation; parking enforcement improves the management of parking spaces, making the car park more efficient. And when your parking garage is efficient, it will automatically have more spaces available for an increased number of vehicles. So, you will be collecting more parking fees from vehicle owners for using your parking spaces, adding extra cash to your pocket.


Parking Management

We have understood how essential it is for car parks to enforce parking restrictions. Now, it’s time to discuss parking management, which is crucial in keeping the order in a car park intact. However, it is daunting for anyone to take care of a parking garage without professional assistance, especially when you don’t have expertise in it. So, hiring professionals for your car park’s proper management is a necessity. Well, so many parking management companies are there in the United Kingdom, providing many options for car park owners. However, Euro Parking Services is the first call when it comes to getting the best parking management services.

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We at EPS are experienced professionals who are well-versed in managing parking spaces and preventing parking violations. We utilise the latest technology and innovations to make car parks more efficient and automated so that car park owners, as well as motorists, can have the best experiences. We provide a wide range of services, such as ANPR integration, CCTV enforcement, pay & display, self-ticketing, cash for land, and more. So, no matter what your car park’s needs are, we are a one-stop destination. So, please feel free to give us a call to book a free site visit. We can provide you with a free site evaluation and let you know what services will be the most suitable for your parking garage.


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