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Car parks are often overlooked as a revenue generator, but there are numerous ways you can optimise your car parks to reduce costs and boost revenues. Therefore, if you’re looking to increase profits, you must view every parking space as a commodity. Paid parking is an excellent way of generating revenue, as charging for parking significantly augments your bottom line. However, issues arise when parking revenues start going down. Poor payment compliance can be a massive headache and must be dealt with efficiently. Here in this blog, we’ll take discuss how you can identify problematic areas and steps you can take to improve payment compliance in your car park.


  • Analyse data

The first step you need to take in resolving issues in your parking facility is to understand the extent of the problem. Analyse the data captured by ANPR cameras and revenue information from the parking payment kiosks. Check if the motorists are paying the right parking amount or there are some payment-related issues. There are chances that some motorists are not paying at all.


You might even find that parking revenues are not matching your capacity. This clearly indicates that you have severe issues of unauthorised parking in your car park.


  • Cater to your customers’ needs

You must listen to your customers and those using your parking facility to combat revenue problems. There might be some complaints about your parking payment solutions. Ensure that your customers are not annoyed at not getting change, and you are providing them with adequate payment options. The level of complaints shows that you need to do something about your offered solutions.


  • Increase your payment options

Another way of augmenting revenues and improving payment compliance in your car parking facility is increasing the number of ways your customers can pay for parking. When motorists park in a car park and are unable to pay because they don’t have the required payment method at their disposal, they drive on elsewhere. Lack of payment can negatively impact your revenue streams, affecting the growth of your business.

You can install extra parking payment kiosks in your car parking area to offer greater convenience to your visitors. By providing more options, you can eradicate barriers that obstruct payment compliance. Hence, you have to make sure to have enough payment options in your car park.


  • Update your options

Obsolete technology and faulty machines can negatively impact your customer experience and hinder you from generating the right amount of revenue from your car park. Modern machines provide your visitors with much flexibility in payment choice. Remote diagnostics are used by these modern solutions that enable you to monitor performance. You can efficiently resolve issues from a distance, ensuring the seamless functioning of your car park.

Modernising your solutions will help you support your visitors using your car parking facilities. Clear interfaces, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems, initiative interfaces will eliminate the chances of manual errors, thus reducing the time-consuming issues and complaints on your premises. This will give a massive boost to the accessibility of your facility. More enhanced facilities and parking payment kiosks will significantly help motorists with disabilities with numerous ways to use your car park and pay conveniently.


  • Adopt touchless technology

Modernising the options is not restricted to payment kiosks as social distancing is the new normal, the demand for touchless parking is increasing. There has been rapid growth in contactless parking payments. By offering your customers a wide range of touchless options, you can cater to your customers’ comfort and parking experience.

With the options listed below, you can increase the flexibility of your payment options and improve payment compliance in your car park.


a) Pre-booking

The best way to improve payment compliance in your car parking facility is to take payment before a customer arrives. This allows motorists to find a parking spot, manage their stay duration and pay beforehand. This will eliminate the hassle of organising travel. Adopting this technology will enable you to attract new customers and increase footfall in the surrounding area. This is an excellent option as you can generate decent revenue even during quieter times.

b) Autopay

One of the great ways to ensure payment compliance is to automate it. In this mode of payment, motorists get their registration done and then they are charged automatically upon leaving. This is called frictionless parking, where there is no point of contention. With this, motorists won’t have to worry about payment as the payment will be based on duration, which is tracked by ANPR, and they’re billed automatically, eliminating stress and chaos.

Providing this facility builds customer loyalty as you have registered motorists having a positive parking experience.

c) Pay-by-phone

Providing motorists with the option to pay over the phone will significantly improve payment compliance. Motorists arrive at your parking facility, find a spot, and then pay for their parking with a unique identification number. This solution offers motorists increased flexibility as they can easily extend their stay, perfect when plans might change.


How Euro Parking Services Can Help You Combat Poor Payment Compliance?


If your car park is facing issues in generating revenue, the reason might be poor payment compliance. However, you can take it as a sign that aspects of your parking facility need to be enhanced. We at Euro Parking Services understand that each and every spot in your car parking facility can be utilised as a revenue generator. Improving payment compliance can be a huge boost to the growth of your business, and offering a fantastic parking experience can drive increased footfall to your site.

Therefore, our team of highly skilled individuals will work with you to understand the issues that are hampering the smooth functioning of your car park and will help you improve payment compliance and enhance your bottom line.

If you would like to know about our functioning and services that we offer, get in touch with us. We will be pleased to work with you.

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