“Pay on foot systems provides complete control and profitable revenue.”

Pay on foot systems is recommended for larger car parks such as shopping centers, hospitals, or universities. An electronic barriers system will be installed on the entrance and exits of the premises, and pay stations are localized near the exit of the car park.

The pay stations are quick in processing, and accept several methods of payment including coins, notes, major credit and debit cards.
Pay on foot systems offer:
   Complete control
   Barriers on entrance and exits
   Pay stations accepts several payment methods
   The ideal solution for large car parks

Pay on foot or barrier systems provide complete control on your car park. Weather you will like to make revenue by charging motorist to park or restrict motorist and keeping the car park exclusive for authorised people. Barrier system allows complete control on the car park as you will not allow any unauthorised motorists to park on land. We can also integrate ANPR cameras to the barrier system to provide extra security.

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