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Pay-on-Foot Parking Birmingham

Could your business be sitting on a lucrative source of untapped revenue? With car parking at a premium right across the UK – particularly in larger cities such as Birmingham – the land on which your business premises is sited could be a part of the solution, as well as a potential source of income you may not have anticipated.

Euro Parking Services can offer your business the opportunity to provide cost-effective parking facilities, whether your aim is to open up private land for public parking, or simply to provide safe, secure, hassle-free parking for staff and authorised guests. Our Pay-on-Foot equipment will have you up and running in no time!


What is pay-on-foot parking?

Why is pay-on-foot parking Birmingham’s most popular fully automated parking system? Because it’s super simple. Car park users simply park their cars, walk to the payment machine and pay for their ticket. Typically, electronic barriers operate at the car park’s entrance and exits, and pay stations are installed close to the exit barriers.

Put simply, if you need a secure, convenient, low-maintenance form of parking enforcement for your business, then a Pay-on-Foot car parking system could be for you.


What kind of businesses use pay-on-foot parking systems?

Pay-on-foot machines are suitable for a huge range of businesses. They’re most commonly installed in retail parks and shopping centres, but can also be found at business parks, industrial estates, private residences, hospitals, care homes, colleges, universities, hotels, and large-scale commercial operations.

Beyond the security and ease-of-use benefits lie inherent revenue-generating opportunities. This is why pay-on-foot parking is so attractive to the businesses that use it.


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Who benefits from pay on foot parking?

Our barrier controlled pay-on-foot parking system benefits businesses and users alike. Providing you with complete control over your car park, our integrated parking solution will enable you to regulate access to your premises and eradicate long queues. 

Whether you aim to raise revenue by charging the general public to park, or you wish to grant exclusive access to authorised personnel and guests, the barrier system will prevent unauthorised motorists from parking on your land. We are also able to integrate ANPR cameras into our barrier systems if requested, to provide an extra layer of security. 

Our super-fast payment stations offer quick and easy processing and are able to accept various methods of payment, including coins, banknotes, major credit cards and debit cards, ensuring that shoppers or visitors to your business premises remain happy, free of stress, and safe in the knowledge that their vehicle will be left in a secure environment. 


About Euro Parking Services

Euro Parking Services is based in Birmingham, but we can provide car parking solutions to businesses throughout the Midlands, as well as nationwide.





Complete control over access


Barriers at entrance and exits

Pay stations accept several payment methods

The ideal solution for larger car parks

Cost effective source of income for businesses

Simple, fast and convenient for the user



Car park signs provided


Pay on Foot

Pay on foot systems provide complete control and profitable revenue.

To find out how our convenient parking system can help your business, contact our friendly team today.

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Code of conduct

Reputable car park operators adopt stringent best-practice procedures, which is why EPS abides by the IPC code of practice, as well as having our own internal code of conduct.

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