Pay on Foot

Could your business be sitting on a lucrative source of untapped revenue? With car parking at a premium right across the UK, particularly in larger cities such as Birmingham, the land on which your business premises is situated could be a part of the solution, as well as a potential source of income you may not have anticipated. A pay-on-foot parking system is super simple to interact with. Motorists park their cars, walk to the payment machine, and pay for their tickets. Typically, electronic barriers operate at the car park’s entrances and exits, and pay stations are installed close to the exit barriers. Euro Parking Services can offer your business the opportunity to provide cost-effective parking facilities, whether your aim is to open up private land for public parking or simply to provide safe, secure, hassle-free parking for staff and authorised guests. Our Pay-on-Foot equipment will have you up and running in no time!

Benefits of Our Pay on Foot Parking System

Parking Misconduct

More Revenue

Easy management of your car park will enable motorists to park easily, making your car park more efficient and adding extra cash to your income.


Low Maintenance

Our pay on foot parking system is highly durable and requires no maintenance if used appropriately. They can easily last years.

Revenue from Unused Property

Improved Security

Our pay on foot system offers improved security to car parks by preventing unauthorised vehicles from entering the parking garage.

Control over Your Property

Access Control

Our pay on foot system integrates ANPR technology, allowing you to have an Access Control system in place to have complete control over your car park.

No Burden

No Traffic Congestion

Our pay on foot parking system ensures remarkable traffic flow in car parks, reducing traffic congestion & making parking a stress-free experience.



Our pay on foot system allows motorists to park & make payments easily. It even offers extra convenience to parking owners when managing their car parks.

Who Can Be Benefited from Our Pay on Foot parking Service?

Our barrier-controlled pay-on-foot parking system benefits businesses and users alike. We provide you with complete control over your car park; our integrated parking solution will enable you to regulate access to your premises and eradicate long queues. Whether you aim to raise revenue by charging the general public to park or wish to grant exclusive access to authorised personnel and guests, the pay-on-foot parking system will meet your needs. The barrier system will prevent unauthorised motorists from parking on your land. If requested, we can also integrate ANPR Cameras into our barrier systems to provide an extra layer of security.Β 

Our super-fast payment stations offer quick and easy processing and accept various methods of payment, including banknotes, major credit cards, and debit cards, ensuring that shoppers or visitors to your business premises remain happy, free of stress, and safe in the knowledge that their vehicle will be left in a secure environment.Β 

Pay on Foot Parking System Can Be Installed in Parking Spaces of:

site evaluation

Industrial Estates

extra stream of revenue

Business Parks


long-term and short term

Retail Parks & Shopping Centers

property misuse

Private Residence

Care Homes

Clients Testimonials

β€œWe wanted a versatile and reliable payment solution for our business. After consulting with the EPS team, we decided to go for their pay-on-foot parking system. This system has made it much easier for our customers to select how to pay and increased our business revenue.”

Tanner Collins


β€œEPS team really takes time to understand your car park’s requirements and then offers a bespoke solution. Their pay-on-foot parking system has taken away our payment headache as drivers can pay on foot with a machine with much ease and flexibility.”

Ember Rogers


β€œWe wanted to save our customers from the hassle they have to face waiting in a long queue for payment, so we approached EPS and got our issue fixed with their Pay-on-foot service. It offers various payment options and allows you to maximise your business revenue.”

Henry Cooper


β€œWe are happy with the Pay-on-foot system implemented by EPS on our site. Their team is amazing and helpful. They work closely with you and provide you with everything you need to ensure the seamless functioning of your car park.”

Ivy Peterson


β€œWe are very much satisfied with their Pay-on-foot service. It has completely transformed the parking experience for our visitors. Moreover, you can customise the services as per your business requirements. Thanks EPS”

Jemma Ward


Pay on Foot

Pay on foot systems provide complete control and profitable revenue.

To find out how our convenient parking system can help your business, contact our friendly team today.