Pay and Display Parking Management System

The Pay and Display car park ticket machine is a quick and simple method to generate revenue for private car parks. To know more about how to use pay and display parking. Connect with us today! 

What is a Pay and Display car park?

Landowners often consult us to find out how to enforce parking on private land or to discover how to earn additional income from land which is lying idle. We have helped many clients generate an extra revenue stream by charging motorists to park on their unused land. One parking management system that is both simple and easy to use, is the Pay and Display car park ticket machine.

This popular parking solution involves installing one or more Pay and Display parking meters on your land. When motorists park their vehicles, they purchase a ticket from the Pay and Display machine and display it on their windscreen. The ticket is time-limited and the cost of parking is calculated accordingly. Parking patrol officers check vehicle windscreens for valid Pay and Display tickets and issue PCNs to motorists who abuse the system.

Our Pay and Display scheme is flexible, which means that you can allow staff and visitors to park for free, while charging other motorists, for example, with our vehicle whitelisting option.


How do Pay and Display work?

Pay and Display is an efficient, easy to install, and simple-to-run car parking management solution. We provide our clients with support and advice to ensure that they get maximum returns from their land, with our parking ticket machine system.

Our Pay and Display services include:

  • Installation of car park Pay and Display machine
  • Patrol officer services
  • Maintenance of car park ticket machine and cash collection
  • Provision of Pay and Display parking signs

First of all, we conduct an onsite evaluation before installing a Pay and Display machine and the accompanying car park signs. The Pay and Display meters are checked and maintained on a regular basis. Our Patrol Officers can patrol your site at specific times of the day or night, or you can request on-call patrols if preferred.

Over the years, we have helped many of our clients to generate an extra stream of revenue by providing them with a Pay and Display parking solution. You are in safe hands with EPS. 


For all of your Pay and Display car park management needs, contact us today.

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Code of conduct

Reputable car park operators adopt stringent best-practice procedures, which is why EPS abides by the IPC code of practice, as well as having our own internal code of conduct.

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