Why Are Pay and Display Machines Necessary For Your Car Park

As the usage of cars increases at a high pace, there is a need for more parking spaces. However, motorists have to wait in a long queue when they park their cars. These queues are not only time-consuming but also take half of their energy. Therefore it is necessary to change this traditional, hectic and frustrating system to ensure that customers don’t have to waste their time just for parking payments. Here Pay and Display machines come to the rescue.

Pay and Display machines are payment systems that help your customers pay for their parking without any hassle. These machines will enable easier and faster payments as well as are secure. They make the payment process smooth and allow faster traffic flow.

They help you maximise your revenue, save time and money, as they are cheap to run. Moreover, there’s no need to hire staff to oversee the machine. They are designed to be unattended 24/7 and come with numerous other benefits discussed below in detail.


How does the Pay and Display System Work?

After entering the car park, the motorists receive a ticket for which they pay a certain amount of money. The ticket consists of information about expiry time, using which they can analyse the parking charges. When leaving the car park, they display the ticket on the dashboard of vehicles or the windshield, helping them realise the parking time and pay quickly with much ease.

Pay and Display machines can be integrated with several parking solutions, such as the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system, automatic car park barriers, parking guidance system, etc., that can improve the functionalities of the pay & display machines. This way, car park operators could benefit significantly from such solutions while cutting down on manual labour and providing 24/7 accessibility. It fulfils all the goals of a modern ideal parking space.

Listed below are the reasons why you should install Pay and Display parking machines in your car park and how these parking payment machines can positively impact your business.


Increased Revenue for Parking

Pay and Display parking machines offer various revenue collection opportunities that allow instant reconciliation of all the parking payment payments and fewer customer service issues. Customers can easily analyse the parking charges and quickly pay for parking. Having such machines, rather than a person issuing tickets means your parking facility can become a 24-hour stream of revenue as you never need to have closing times.


More Efficiency

A Pay and Display machine makes the entire parking process seamless, as it is far better than antiquated methods of payment for parking. This enables customers to get all of the information they need from the machine right from the beginning. Numerous advances in the current technology of Pay and Display parking machines make them a welcomed option for businesses looking to manage car parks more effectively.


Better Security

Car park operators can immediately spot an offending vehicle and have it ticketed right away with remote monitoring available. With sensors and cameras, pay, and display machines can easily detect unauthorised activity and quickly send an alert in real-time to a central monitoring centre. Pay and Display machines can adapt to any circumstance that may arise. These machines are equipped with security devices, making them resistant to vandalism.


Rich Customer Experience

Pay and Display parking machines make parking easy and efficient for your customers. As there will be no barriers at the entry and exit of the car park, your customers can quickly enter and exit the premises, resulting in smooth traffic flow. Pay and Display machines offer multiple payment methods and alternatives, such as cash coins, credit cards, etc. Hence, customers can choose the payment option at their convenience, which improves customer satisfaction, thus enhancing your business growth and boosting your business revenue.


Easy to Install & Maintain

Pay and Display parking systems are a cost-effective solution to install and maintain. These systems lower the cost and effort of maintenance over time and are excellent as parking solutions for smaller car parks with fewer resources. Since there is no need to hire a parking attendant, Pay and Display machines cut down on labour costs. This enables you to keep parking fees low to attract customers and motivate them to stay for more extended periods. In addition, Pay and Display machines allow for extended operating hours for as much as 24-hours, making them excellent for car parks.


Highly Reliable

Pay and Display machines are highly reliable for both on-street and off-street purposes. They are suitable in various environments and are pretty simple to manage. These parking systems are reliable even in adverse weather conditions, so you won’t need to worry about their functioning as they will be running constantly.


How Can Euro Parking Services Help You?

Pay and Display parking machines are ideal parking solutions for businesses and customers due to their myriad benefits and efficiency. We at Euro Parking Services understand that the parking payment procedure you offer in your car park is crucial to the success of your car park. Therefore, we provide you with our efficient and highly reliable Pay and Display machines. We can also link Pay and Display systems with ANPR cameras which will allow you to identify any vehicle that has exceeded the stay period or that has not purchased a ticket at all. Before installing the machine on your premises, we arrange a meeting to understand the requirements of your car park and then offer you the best service. To know more about our Pay and Display service, get in touch with us at 0845 121 0065. We will be delighted to help you.

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