Parking Warden tickets Ambulance

Dear Sirs,
Parking Charge Notice ‘issued’ to an ambulance at Kingsmead car park in Northwich, Cheshire, 24th July 2018.
I have now had the opportunity to look more closely at the details surrounding the issue of a parking charge to an ambulance and would like to provide a bit more clarity on one of the points within our initial statement.
Although it was stated that the parking charge ‘was issued’, this was, in fact, not the case as whilst the parking attendant did report the fact that ambulance was parked on double yellow lines to head office, no parking ticket was actually issued.
The ‘internal measures’ referred to within the statement involve a review of all reported vehicles so that a decision can be made as to whether, in any individual case, it is appropriate to issue a parking charge. This review process not only involves a decision being made as to whether a parking charge could be issued on the fact of a case, but also whether such a charge should be issued.

During the review it was decided that although there were no circumstances that would, in law, have prevented the issue of a parking charge, that it would not be appropriate to do so as the company recognises the distinction between emergency vehicles (particularly those too large to fit into a normal parking space) and normal members of the public. As such, a parking ticket was not issued to the ambulance.
We will be contacting the ambulance service to confirm that no Parking Charge was, or will be, issued for the incident.
Euro Parking Services takes their social responsibilities very seriously and recognises the important role of our emergency services; the need for those who perform their duties to remain properly refreshed and the allowances that need to be made in order to assist them wherever possible. We like to apply common sense and compassion wherever it is appropriate to do so, and whilst the parking attendant may have considered it appropriate to report the matter for consideration, this view is not shared by the company. As a result of this, further training will be given to all of our wardens to highlight the need to exercise their discretion appropriately in such cases.
We would like to take to this opportunity to apologise to the ambulance for any inconvenience that may have been caused on the day. We understand the vital role that the ambulance service and its crew, and in their support we will be making a donation to highlight our appreciation.
I apologise for the earlier inaccuracy and trust this correction helps to clarify the matter.

Yours sincerely

Shamshar Singh
Euro Parking Service Ltd