Case Study for Kingstanding Surgery

Kingstanding Clinic solved unauthorised parking issues with Euro Parking Services’ monitors, Kiosk Terminal, and extended permissions portal. This improved parking availability, reduced misuse, and enhanced guideline awareness.

About the Kingstanding Surgery

Kingstanding Clinic, located in the Kingstanding region, grapples with persistent parking dilemmas. While the car park is designated for patients, employees, and visitors, they’ve observed consistent misuse by those without permission, leaving their cars for extended hours, occasionally even overnight. Without a parking management system, the clinic found it tough to allocate spaces for its team and patients, leading to missed appointments for the latter and added strain for the staff forced to find alternative parking.


Vehicles without permission occupy spaces both daily and overnight.

Absence of clear signs to dissuade unwarranted parking and to communicate car park guidelines.

Daily parking obstacles confronted by staff and visitors, resulting in operational setbacks.


Euro Parking Services conducted a comprehensive site assessment, offering a tailored solution to address the parking challenges the clinic experienced.

  • ROn-the-ground parking monitors made regular visits during peak periods, coordinated in consultation with the clinic.
  • REPS supplied the surgery with a Kiosk Terminal, allowing patients to register their vehicles and exempt them from potential charges.
  • RClient access to a dedicated portal ensured they could grant extended permissions to any vehicle at their discretion.
  • RFull Administrative Support: From dispatching Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) to sustained monitoring, our team provided a clear and effective method to discourage unauthorised parking.
  • RA devoted team was on hand to address and revoke any PCNs when necessary.


With the revamped strategy jointly implemented by the client and EPS, the following observations were made:

  • RParking complications saw a notable reduction.
  • RPlacing Parking Charge Notices on the windscreens of unpermitted vehicles served as a strong warning, educating drivers about the parking restrictions.
  • RThe availability of parking spaces has increased, ensuring staff and patients can park with ease.
  • RThe Kiosk Terminal reassures staff and patients that their cars are duly registered.
  • RClear signage in the car park provides motorists with an immediate understanding of the parking guidelines and restrictions