Why Are Pay and Display Machines Necessary For Your Car Park

Due to the rapid increase in vehicles, parking problems are an emerging concern. Whatever business you are in, you must prioritise the convenience of your customers. For that, you must aim to reduce the stress of your customers looking for parking spaces around your business area. Here Parking management system comes into play. Apart from improving your customer satisfaction, a parking management system will undoubtedly attract more customers to your business, increasing your business growth and revenue.

Investing in a parking management system is one of the best decisions that your business can make. It boosts the efficiency of your car park, helps to improve the user’s parking journey and utilises the parking space available for parking. Read on to discover why your business needs a parking management system, how it will benefit your business and the factors you need to consider when choosing a parking management system.


Benefits of Parking Management System to your business


Some of the benefits of investing in a parking management system are given below:


a) Enhanced Parking Space

Poor use of parking space is one of the most significant issues motorists have to encounter in car parks. Many times vehicles create a bottleneck of cars and hinder traffic flow. This is a clear sign that your car parking space is not optimised. To resolve this issue, a parking management system is the best option.

The biggest advantage of having a parking management system is that you can easily manage and maximise the space available whilst allowing motorists to know where they can park and for how long.


b) Better Security

Parking management systems offer improved security so customers won’t worry about theft. Security measures such as video surveillance and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) can also be incorporated that will be beneficial to both smaller and larger car parking facilities. With such systems, you can capture the details of vehicles entering and exiting your car park and identify unauthorised vehicles or those vehicles that have exceeded the maximum stay period. This way, parking management systems provide better security features to keep your car park safe.


c) Customisable

A parking management system can be customised depending on the type of your car park, the traffic, your budget, and your car park’s needs and requirements. For instance, areas near residential buildings have a limited flow of vehicles. On the other hand, areas near hospitals, supermarkets, shopping centres and others have a heavy flow of cars entering and leaving car parking facility. Hence, these parking management systems can be adapted according to the car parking facility you manage.


d) Reliable Patrol Staff

A parking management system provides a patrol team on-site that will help the driver and enforce parking rules. A friendly and reliable patrol staff ensures that you have people in the car parking facility 24/7 to fix issues such as the abuse of disabled bays, maximum stays and more.

Additionally, patrol staff will also help your customers, resolving the issues they will encounter in your car park, as they are the friendly face you should have in your car parking facility.


e) Better Return on investment

The parking management system is a good investment that brings profit in the long run. It improves the efficiency of your car park, and your customers don’t need to waste their time looking for a place to park their vehicles. These systems attract more customers to your business and ultimately boost your profit.

In addition to this, parking management systems help you reduce the traditional and long-term costs by using advanced technology. Thus, you will be able to achieve profitable results and increased ROI in your business.


What Should You Look For in a Parking Management System?

Listed below are some key factors you should look out for when deciding on the parking management system to go with:

  1. Installation, Maintenance and Support

Parking management systems minimise the hustle involved in running a car park facility. Your selected system must not be too hard to set up and operate. A good parking management system doesn’t require much maintenance and support.

  1. User Friendliness

When choosing the parking management system, you must ensure that it is easy to use. This is beneficial to both operators and customers. It should include all the crucial features and visual indications to help drivers locate empty parking spots and quickly get their vehicles in and out of the car park.

  1. Security

Apart from simplicity, a parking management system must be secure for the staff and customers. It should also have an easy and quick check-in and check-out time, reducing the time customers have to waste in long queues.

  1. Location Friendliness

Your car park’s location plays a vital role in deciding the priority of your parking management system. The type of management systems for different locations will be different. For example, for busy commercial hubs, the management systems must be able to cater for rapid peak and peak-off changes.

For the residential parking facilities, you must have a system to reserve space for regulars.

  1. Adaptability

It would help if you opted for an advanced parking management system based on the latest technology as it will prevent the need to change the system in the future. Your selected system must also be able to adapt to technological challenges.

A parking management system is one of the crucial factors that decide the success of your business. It enhances your car parkโ€™s functioning and helps you provide your customers with the best parking experience, thus boosting the reputation of your business


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