Nuisance Parking


The demand for automobiles in the United Kingdom has caused increased traffic on the road. Many people prefer to have private vehicles and avoid using public transport as they feel more comfortable in personal vehicles. Therefore, the number of cars has increased significantly on the UK’s roads compared to the last few years, causing severe parking problems.

Moreover, many private property owners in the UK are tired of nuisance parking as many motorists visit private sites and leave their vehicles without permission for hours. It causes problems not only for property owners but also for other people using that particular parking area. It also affects businesses negatively, so it’s indispensable to fix the parking issues.

In this blog, we will discuss how we can eliminate Nuisance Parking in the United Kingdom. Let’s get started!

Ways to Improve Nuisance Parking:

As the number of vehicles on the roads increases, so does the demand for parking management services. To enhance the overall experience of customers, companies that offer parking management solutions have come up with several ways to improve car park management. Here are some effective ways offered by parking management companies to tackle the problem of nuisance parking:

  1.       Install a Barrier System

One of the best ways to stop motorists from violating your car park is to prevent them from entering your parking space. If they cannot enter your car park, they can’t create any issues. But how can you stop anyone from entering your private land? Simple! You must integrate a barrier system to ensure no one enters your car park without authority.

Well, you might think of employing staff to take care of the parking space, which might be an effective solution, but it’s not a very economical decision. You will be required to pay your employees a certain amount in return for their services, which can be saved by making a one-time investment in a barrier system. It will keep your car park protected 24/7.

  1.       ANPR Integration

ANPR stands for Automated Number Plate Recognition; it’s an advanced technology used with cameras to detect the number plates of vehicles automatically. Integrating an ANPR system can significantly secure your car park by making it automated. Yes, you heard that right. ANPR system can automate your parking processes by giving you complete control over your car park.

This system can be integrated with the barrier system to allow & block vehicles so that only authorised vehicle owners can enter your car park. Additionally, when you have an ANPR system in place, you can easily keep tracking the vehicle details as this system has records of all the entering and exiting vehicles. Nevertheless, the best thing about installing ANPR cameras is that you will not struggle to collect evidence.

  1.   Install Clear Parking Signs

Another thing that you can do to get rid of nuisance parking in your car park is to install clear parking signage. Keep in mind that informed motorists barely violate any parking terms and conditions. When you install parking signage boards in your car park, people will get to know that the area is being managed and unauthorised parking isn’t allowed.

On the other hand, when a car park doesn’t have parking signage, people consider it an open property, giving them the confidence to leave their vehicles. So, consider installing high-quality parking signs to keep your parking area away from parking violators.

Nonetheless, you should also install directional signage in your car park so people don’t face issues while finding an adequate parking site. It will help your users quickly move to suitable parking spaces & keep the parking garage congestion-free.

  1.   Improve the Parking Payment Process

Payment systems in car parks play a prominent role in determining the user experience. So, it is crucial to ensure a car park has a user-friendly and efficient parking payment system. Suppose you enter a car park and find that you will have to wait in a long queue to obtain a parking ticket; will you visit such a car park again? Your answer will be no.

Additionally, when a car park has a highly complex parking payment process, users leave their vehicles in the parking area and don’t even pay the parking fee. It negatively affects the revenue of the car park.

On the other hand, when you install an effective parking payment terminal in your car park, motorists can pay the parking fees quickly. It will keep your car park congestion-free and allow you to make more profit from it. So, consider integrating an advanced parking payment terminal in your car park.


Managing parking issues can be a major concern for both private property owners and businesses. To tackle this issue, it’s important to implement effective solutions such as barrier systems, ANPR integration, clear signage, streamlined payment processes, and the assistance of private parking management companies.

By taking proactive measures like these, property owners can create a secure and organised parking environment that improves user experiences while also generating additional revenue.

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