How It Works

Create An Account:

It’s quick and easy to create an account with us. Please fill out the form below. Give us a call on 0845-121-0065 if you have nay questions, our friendly staff will be happy to help you.
We will post your free starter pack once your account has been created.

   Step 1: Create An Account

  It’s quick and easy…
 Choose one of our free starter packs. Provide details about you and your car park.

   Step 2: Display The Signs

 We will post the signs to you...
 Install the signage in prominent locations. All our signs are approved by the International Parking Community and conform with the current  government legislation.

   Step 3: Take Photo’s

 Use our iPhone/Android app…
 It can’t be simpler. Simply download our app and login using the details that we will provide. All the data securely gets uploaded onto our  server in real-time.

   Step 4: Vehicle Owner Receives Ticket In Post

 Remain anonymous…
 We will never share you identity with a motorist. We request keeper details from the DVLA and will generate a Parking Charge Notice (PCN).  The PCN will be posted to the  vehicle owner.

   Step 5: Receive £10 on Every Paid (PCN)

 Earn money whilst improving your car park…
 We will pay £10 for every paid Parking Charge Notice.