Car Parking Services Enhance Business Reputation

Your car park is the first and last thing any visitor sees. It can have a significant impact on the perception of your brand, which is why getting your parking management perfect can be a great boost to your brand reputation. You must ensure that your customers can park their vehicles easily when they arrive in your car park.

Your car parking services contribute a lot to a positive company reputation. Therefore, there are certain things you need to take into account to provide your customers with a hassle-free parking experience. In this blog, we’re exploring how your car park can be a great asset to your business and its impact on the perception of your brand or business.

Improve the customer journey


Your customers’ experience of your brand begins when they arrive in your car park. However, unnecessary delays and bad traffic can negatively impact the mindset someone has when they arrive at your premises. A stressful parking experience with additional congestion can only worsen the stress of the journey.

Hence, you must manage your car park in a way that ensures customers can find a space quickly and efficiently when they arrive on-site. One way to enrich your customer’s parking experience is to offer them pre-booking. This will allow motorists to arrange and pay for their parking well in advance. This will make parking easier for your customers and reduce unauthorized parking significantly, hence enhancing your brand or company reputation.


Professional appearance


Car park cleaning is the first and crucial step to creating that first impression. A clean car park says a lot about your business. When visitors park their vehicle and see the car park, they subconsciously start judging your business. To gain the trust and loyalty of your customers, you must do everything you can to provide them with the best car parking experience. Fixing potholes, fixing cracks, and cleaning up your car park regularly can help you maintain a professional image. If you want to impress your customers with how well-kept your property is, then the best way is to set up a cleaning schedule.


Provide flexible payment methods


You can provide your customers with a more positive experience through increased flexibility and smooth car park management. People are tenaciously embracing cashless options, and the car park needs to follow suit. Autopay, pre-booking, and pay-by-mobile give customers an easy means to manage their parking effortlessly without even leaving their car or visiting a machine.

You can also have a physical payment kiosk on-site, with a ‘touchscreen’ design integrated with ANPR to eliminate the chances of manual input errors and offers full contactless, card or cash options. Allowing visitors to pay for their parking as they want boosts your business revenue.


Looking at the future


You must think about how people interact with your business and how some changes could influence the way your business and your car park perform. With the help of the data gathered by your ANPR cameras, you can understand the emerging trends and based on that, you can make decisions that could boost your business reputation and bring more revenue.

According to the new law announced by the UK prime minister, all new cars sold on the UK roads will need to be electric by 2030. This is why several manufacturers are committing to producing more and more electric cars before that date. This means there will be a great rise in the use of electric vehicles in car parks across the country, and that businesses will have to think about their EV charging infrastructure.

Electric vehicle charging also provides an additional layer of convenience to vehicle owners. Therefore, you must invest in adding more EV charging stations to your car park. Doing so will improve customer satisfaction and contribute to the reputation of your business as well.


Use notifications for a strong impression


Your car park can add value to the car parking services you provide to your customers. ANPR captures vehicle registration numbers at the entry and exit of your premises. The gathered information will help monitor your parking and can be used to power notifications that can completely transform your business.

This can benefit venues, such as hotels that provide their visitors with experiential and memorable services. This way, you can make a much stronger impression that can enhance your brand’s perception to a great extent.


Smooth exit


If you’ve made arrival seamless for your visitors and provided excellent parking services, issues at the exit can ruin everything and directly impact a motorist’s repeated visit. You need to consider certain things to offer your visitors a smooth exit. One of the means to improve your parking experience is reducing congestion as it can have a cumulative effect for people leaving the car park as there are fewer queues.

Ensure that your payment methods, if you offer paid parking, are efficient and quickโ€“ giving customers a choice on how to pay. If you provide payment via kiosks, have some options that don’t compel motorists to have exact change or, even better, go cashless. Contactless payments are swift and bolster your green credentials, thus ensuring a positive customer experience.


How Euro Parking Services Can Help You?


Your car park can make a strong impression on your visitors and serve as a great asset to your business. There are a plethora of opportunities to make it deliver more for your customers as well as your business reputation. We at Euro Parking Services understand the issues car park operators have to face. Therefore, our team will work closely with you and provide bespoke solutions to make your car park more efficient. With our effective car park solutions, you can unlock new revenue channels and improve your visitor journey. To know more about our services, get in touch with us at 0845 121 0065. We will be highly delighted to help you.

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