Hotels are generally at prime locations, many being near city centres, high streets, or convenient transportation. Gathering from past experience, parking for hotels often gets abused leaving no space for your guests to park. The hotel industry is growing and this phenomena is compounded by steep increase in the car population.

Parking issues faced by our clients in the Hotel Sector are:
   Motorists using their car parks when in fact they don’t intend to stay at the hotel
   Guests not paying night charges
   Local businesses using the car park all day
   Motorists using the car park as a “park and ride” service.

We are able to tackle the problems above with our innovative solutions a few of which include;
   Pay and display Machines or other Payment Options
   ANPR, CCTV and Patrol Officer Enforcement
   Access Control
   Touch screen Terminals to allow Guests Free/Discounted Parking, and finally;
   Permit and White Listing

Our aim is to make the stay of your guests as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Guests can log their vehicle details into a touch screen terminal at the check-in counter when they arrive choosing how long they wish to stay for. Alternatively, a concession can be given on the parking tariff.

The possibilities on how we can alter our solutions to meet your requirements are limitless.

Our solutions for this sector are aimed at deterring examples of the above abuse and ensure that genuine guests do not get penalised in the process.

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