“You’re in good hands.”

We’ve been working with NHS clinics to improve their parking situations. We know that it has a direct impact on the experience of staff, visitors and patients. The NHS deals with a variety of issues in their car parks on a daily basis that cause problems and sour the experience of those who use the car parks.

These issues often include:
   Blocked emergency routes
   Oversubscribed car parks
   Parked on double yellow lines/ crosshatched bay/ restricted area of the car park.
   Patients parking in the staff car parks
   Patients and staff parking out of marked bays, on double yellow lines and across hatched areas

We have a combined experience of year 20 years in the parking industry, and understand that the best solutions are provided to protect the reputation of the trust. All the solutions are looked into the sensitive, effective and efficient to help improve the patient experience and minimise any potential for misuse.

The solutions which we have been recommending for NHS are:
   ANPR cameras
   Payment machines
   Limited time free stay
   Patrol Officer Service

We believe that the broad range of flexible capabilities we offer provide an enormously valuable and effective car park management service; one which is bespoke for each location, improves the patient experience and acts as both an effective. You will have a dedicated relation manager when you subscribe to our services.

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