Harvest Energy

Case Study

About Harvest Energy Petrol Station

Harvest Energy is a petrol station located in Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom. The site includes a self-service fuel station along with a shop and an area for vacuuming and pumping air. The nearby area of this fuel station includes multiple shops owing to which this site has numerous visitors on a daily basis.

The management of Harvest Energy got in touch with us and shared the problems the facility was facing. We took the most relevant action to resolve the issues that were adversely affecting their business.


Harvest Energy is located at a prime spot, owing to which the site was encountering severe parking abuse. Motorists used to leave their vehicles at the station and visit nearby shops to buy needful things, owing to which the potential customers were not able to access Harvest Energy’s business. This was causing huge business loss.

Due to unauthorised parking, the overall revenue from the site significantly started dropping, which caused the owner of this business & employees to pay attention to the problem. They found that unnecessary road blockage created by the parked vehicles at the site without authority was the prominent reason for their business loss.

The team at Harvest Energy then realised that they needed to fix the problem by applying a more organised, well-managed, & customer-friendly approach, and that’s where Euro Parking Services & its solutions came into play.

The Solutions We Provided

Our team visited the site and surveyed it meticulously to provide the most efficacious solutions to cope with the issue. We found that CCTV installation and remote monitoring services can resolve the issue. Since then, Euro Parking Services has been providing Harvest Energy with CCTV parking enforcement services.

We also erected clear & unambiguous signage to make motorists aware of new regulations and mitigate unauthorised parking. Our team continuously monitors this site. When a vehicle contravenes the terms and conditions of the car park, our CCTV operators record photographic evidence and generate a parking charge notice. It’s then forwarded to quality control to ensure no mistakes are made before requesting the keeper’s information from the DVLA. We then send the Notice to Keeper (NTK) to his address.

The Outcomes

Working with Euro Parking Services helped Harvest Energy not only prevent unauthorised parking but also increase its revenues. Now, the business observes significantly lower traffic congestion, allowing customers to reach the fuel station, shop, and air pump with ease. Our collaborative effort has considerably enhanced the profitability of the business and mitigated the parking abuse at this site.

Euro Parking Services also eliminated the stress they were facing to clear the way for potential customers. Our signage helps motorists to get to the right spot with ease. So, whether motorists require filing fuel in their cars, vacuuming or air pumping, or buying something from the shop, they can now access everything without ado.

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