Parking Management Tips to Enhance the Efficiency of a Parking Lot


Facing the challenge of unauthorised parking in your car park? You’re not alone. This common issue plagues many car park owners, leading to unnecessary congestion, frustrated customers, and potential revenue losses. But fear not – our guide, “An Ultimate Guide to Self-Ticketing for Unauthorised Parking Prevention,” is here to offer a solution. In this enlightening piece, we delve into the effective strategy of self-ticketing, providing you with the tools and knowledge to combat unauthorised parking efficiently. Join us as we transform this challenge into an opportunity for improved management and profitability. Let’s tackle this issue together and pave the way for a smoother parking experience.


What is Self-Ticketing and How Does It Work in Car Park Management?

Suppose you are a car park owner who has been facing the issue of unauthorised parking despite warning neighbours or customers; what will you do in that case? One of the most effective ways to deal with unauthorised parkers is to get parking management services. However, some car park owners don’t want others’ interference when managing their car parks, and that’s where self-ticketing services come into use.

Self-ticketing is a process of observing a car park, collecting evidence of unauthorised parking, and sending the proof to the partner parking enforcement company to generate a PCN. In simple words, if someone who you don’t want to park on your private land parks their vehicle, you will require going out, clicking the car’s photos via your phone, and sending the images to the parking enforcement team.

Now, your partner parking management company will generate a PCN and send it to the address of the unauthorised parker.


How Self-Ticketing Can Help You

Until those who engage in unauthorised parking realise that firm actions are being taken against them, they are unlikely to change their habits. An unauthorised parker searching for a space to park their vehicle often disregards others; they will continue to use your private property for parking, regardless of how many times you ask them not to.

However, once they receive a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) for unauthorised parking in your car park, they are less likely to park on your private land without your permission again. Furthermore, if you own a shop and your parking space is constantly occupied by vehicles of non-customers, consider the potential negative impact on your business.

Your prospective customers might not find a space to park their vehicles, leading them to visit another shop.  Therefore, it is essential to keep your parking areas available for your customers, and self- ticketing can assist in achieving this.


Advantages of Self-ticketing

1. No Need for Extra Staff  – One of the great things about using self ticketing is you don’t need to hire staff to look after your car park. In big car parks, you usually have to hire wardens to make sure everyone parks appropriately. But with self-ticketing, you can handle it all by yourself and save money.

The only thing you need to get started is a smartphone. However, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to keep an eye on your car park yourself. For small car park owners, like if you own a shop with a car park, this shouldn’t be a problem. So, you can manage your car park easily and cost-effectively without hiring extra staff.

2. Budget-Friendly Option – Adopting a self-ticketing system can be a cost-efficient addition to your parking management setup. It allows you to manage minor issues without requiring full-scale intervention from enforcement agencies, thereby optimising your operational costs.

3. Extra Revenue  – One of the most compelling benefits of self-ticketing is the opportunity for additional revenue. By enforcing parking rules effectively, you encourage motorists to pay the required parking fees. If they choose not to comply, they risk receiving a Parking Charge Notice, which in turn adds more income for you, the car park owner. Utilising self-ticketing services from a reliable parking management company can be a win- win situation.

It not only serves as a deterrent against unauthorised parking but also acts as an extra revenue stream. This makes it a fantastic choice for property owners and small retail businesses, offering two benefits: preventing unauthorised parking and generating additional income.

4. Enhanced Control – One of the standout benefits of self-ticketing is that it puts you in the driver’s seat when managing your car park. Unlike traditional methods, where you might rely on a team to enforce parking rules, self-ticketing allows you to take immediate action when you notice unauthorised parking. You can address issues immediately without waiting for someone else to step in.  Being actively involved in the day-to-day operations of your car park gives you a sense of ownership and control.

It can also provide valuable insights into parking patterns and behaviours, enabling you to make informed decisions on how best to manage the space. By choosing self-ticketing, you’re not just making your operations more efficient; you’re also gaining a stronger sense of control and involvement in running your car park.

5. Reduced Parking Violations – Reduced Parking Violations are a significant benefit of self-ticketing. This means there are fewer instances of people breaking the parking rules. The self ticketer captures photos and evidence of parking violations, leading to swift actions against those who don’t follow the rules.

This process happens quickly and consistently. So, people know there are consequences for not following the rules, and they’re less likely to do it. This makes the car park safer and more organised for everyone.


How a Parking Management Company Can Help You with Self-Ticketing

In the United Kingdom, there are rules and regulations that the government imposes that everyone must abide by. You cannot ask anyone to pay the penalty without letting them know that they are leaving their car in a restricted parking area.

You have to show them parking signage and let them know what the aftermath will be of parking their cars on your private property. So, it’s vital to get in touch with an accredited car park management company like Euro Parking Services to help you understand everything. The company will provide you with parking signage and even erect it on your private property in such a way that it will come to everyone’s notice.

Additionally, parking management companies are authorised by the government authorities, allowing them to generate PCNs. Therefore, you will have to get in touch with a parking management agency to get a self-ticketing service or other parking management services.


Should You Look for Other Parking Management Services?

Self-ticketing is undeniably an effective way to prevent unauthorised parking, but you will have to be quite responsive in collecting evidence. Otherwise, the parking abuser might leave your parking space without coming to your notice. Well, if your car park has space for 3-4 vehicles, a self-ticketing service can be effective for it.

However, if you own a big parking space, it will be challenging for you to take care of the entire parking area. Therefore, you may require other car park management services, such as an ANPR system, CCTV enforcement, pay and display, and more. A parking management company can install CCTVs on your property and monitor it 24/7, depending on your needs. So, you will be free to do other important tasks.



In conclusion, self-ticketing emerges as an effective, cost-efficient solution for managing unauthorised parking, especially suitable for small car parks and businesses. It offers direct control, reduces staffing needs, and can generate additional revenue.

For larger spaces, combining self-ticketing with advanced management services like ANPR and CCTV parking enforcement  is recommended. This strategy enhances efficiency, ensures legal compliance, and improves customer satisfaction, making it a vital approach for car park owners facing unauthorised parking challenges.

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