Guide To Contactless Parking System

Throughout the COVID, people have been instructed to be mindful of how they interact with the world around them. The changes in buying habits, shopping behaviours and payment methods have been visible across the globe, from business areas to shopping centres, and the car park is no different.

As the number of vehicles on the road returns to pre-COVID levels, reimagining your parking services to include contactless options should be a significant consideration for safer and more convenient parking. As social distancing has become the new normal, the demand for contactless parking will only increase. Taking this into account, we have come up with this guide to enlighten you precisely about everything you need to know about contactless parking systems.


Contactless payment options

There has been swift growth in the demand for contactless parking payments. By offering a range of technologies and flexible options, you can cater to your customers’ comfort and experience with contactless payment. Some of the contactless payment options include:


a) Pre-booking

Booking a space in advance and paying for parking without using a machine will be easy to set up and help your site maximize revenue by providing motorists looking for parking with unused space on your site.


b) QR codes & Pay by Phone

Enabling the motorists to handle payment and manage their parking on a device they own is a great way to provide your customers with a hassle-free payment procedure. QR codes and Pay by phone provide your customers with a sense of comfort as it eliminates the need to carry spare change for parking, thus leading to a stress-free and satisfying parking experience.


c) Drive in drive out

An ANPR system will automatically recognize registered drivers and charge them for their stay. This will remove the need for a customer to visit a kiosk. There will be no need for ticketing, thus making parking seamless.


Misconceptions about the contactless parking system

There are various misconceptions about contactless parking that should be dispelled. Let’s take a look at some of them:


a) Cash payment is the best payment option

Over the years, the payment procedure evolved tremendously. Now you can still pay with cash, but the introduction of various payment methods has increased flexibility. When setting up a car park, make sure to study the habits of your potential customers to avoid jumping to cashless or cash payments. Also, cash payment can be a little inconvenient. A customer has to decide in advance the time they will be away. That means they may pay extra for the time if they exceed the time limit.

b) Contactless payment is not gaining traction

Many car park operators are replacing traditional payment systems with electronic contactless parking systems. Contactless methods allow car park patrons to enjoy automated parking and make the transactions faster and more convenient. Smartphones and NFC-enabled devices are also encouraging the use of contactless payments. The tap-and-go payment trend is also gaining popularity due to the increasing demand.

c) The mobile payment trend won’t last long

The current car parking system offers multiple payment solutions, which means mobile payment is becoming popular among users. Customers use their phones to locate a car park, book space and pay. Digital wallets such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay, etc., provide the convenience of ticketless parking. Car park operators have started using apps for their car parks, and consumers can use their e-wallets to make transactions.

In addition to introducing automated parking solutions, operators should consider mobile payment flexibility to enjoy increased efficiency.


d) Parking technology will be static

With the increasing number of electric cars, car parks’ demand for charging stations will undoubtedly increase. With the continuous development in parking technology, payment will also augment convenience and make the transaction process smooth. Parking operators should stay abreast of the emerging trends and ensure they are up-to-date with parking technology.


Benefits of contactless parking system

If people abandon the myths on contactless parking, they will see the benefits of technological advancement brought by contactless parking in the car park industry, not just in the face of COVID but also for the future of your car park.


a) COVID secure

Contactless options can help you limit contact between people, avoid queues and enable motorists to maintain safe social distancing. Removing unnecessary contact can reassure the public, demonstrating that you take their safety seriously.


b) Automated

With contactless systems, you can create a fully automated parking payment service that will reduce staffing costs and eliminate the need for cash collection, enabling you to manage your parking facilities on a remote basis.


c) Convenience

Contactless options are easy to use and offer faster payments. This makes the parking journey convenient for motorists and ultimately improves the customer experience. This can help you drive revenue by ensuring repeat visits and goes a long way to building brand loyalty.


d) Ticket-free

The customer’s card replaces a physical ticket with a contactless terminal at the entry and exit barrier. You could even integrate electronic payments with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. This will boost your environmental credentials, helping you achieve your environmental goals.


e) Forward Thinking

A step towards a sustainable way of managing parking will eradicate the need for motorists to carry change and can help your site generate more revenue through increased efficiency and improved payment compliance. These solutions will make parking stress-free and straightforward, contributing to the positive experience of dealing with your business.


How Euro Parking Services can help you switch to contactless parking?

Technology influences the world around us, and embracing it tenaciously can enhance the services you offer and how efficiently your car park can operate.

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