ANPR camera installation UK

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition system (ANPR), also known as the License Recognition system (LPR), is an internationally recognized image processing technology used in vehicle identification. With an increasing number of car parks, the demand for an effective Vehicle identification mechanism has increased. The traditional process of car park entry registration, involving a security guard is not only banal and time-consuming but is also prone to imprecise recordings, moreover, the backup and sharing of this vehicle information are quite difficult because the data is a hard copy. This is when ANPR having capabilities of vehicle identification and registration comes to the rescue. 

ANPR systems usually consist of a processor, camera, and application capable of doing sophisticated optical character recognition (OCR) and converting the number plate’s image into alphanumeric characters.  Using ANPR instead of traditional methods reduces registration time to a great extent. Apart from this, you can easily search and retrieve information on uninsured or stolen vehicles.

Euro Parking Services presently manages and operates in more than 500 car parks around the UK, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Our organization has over 15 years of experience in the UK car park management industry. We understand the problems that usually arise in vehicle identification. This is the reason we provide you with easy and reliable ANPR installation in Birmingham (Serving Complete United Kingdom).

We place the camera at the entry and exit of the car park and it reads the license plate. The data gets saved along with other related information.

➡️ There are a plethora of benefits that the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system offers. Some of them are mentioned below:

    • Calculates parking time
    • Easy to find defaulters
    • Specialized number plate recognition cameras
    • Ideal for prohibited  parking facilities
    • Increases footfall for busy areas
    • Crime prevention
    • Added security onsite
    • Always-ON 365 a year
    • Restrict intruders with barrier integration

Looking at the advantages mentioned above, you must have understood the importance of ANPR installation.

Our ANPR system provides you with myriad features. Some of them are mentioned below:

a) We ensure high-quality image recordings of all vehicles entering and exiting your property/facilities by installing the cameras at the entrance and exit of your car park.

b) We provide motorists with a ticketless payment option. Hence all the details related to your vehicle registration will be recorded at the entry. At the time of exit, all you need to do is enter your registration number and pay.

c) We have a seamless time recording process, thus if any vehicle exceeds the maximum stay period,  stringent actions will be taken against them.

d) Our ANPR system acts as a deterrent to unauthorized vehicles, ensuring no such vehicles enter your premises.

e) If you want to make your car park exclusive for your customers, we highly recommend this service as it will restrict non-customers from parking their vehicles on your premises.

f) Access control systems such as barriers and gates are controlled by the ANPR camera, thus no unauthorized vehicles will be able to pass across the barrier.

g) We have our cameras connected to the Back Office Software via fibre-optic or 3G internet for image processing, hence the software immediately detects unauthorized vehicles. In such cases, we post the motorists of the offending vehicle with a parking charge notice after requesting information from the DVLA.

The Advantages Our ANPR System Provides:

  • High-quality images (day and night & All-weather
  • Cameras are connected to our back office in real-time
  • Precise software that picks up unauthorized vehicles
  • An additional layer of  security for your premises
  • Crime prevention and detection
  • Ticketless parking
  • Integration with your existing car parking system

If you want an ANPR Installation in your car park in the United Kingdom, feel free to contact us. It would be a great pleasure for us to serve you with our safe and highly reliable services.

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