Our Parking Solutions Include but are Not Limited to

  Access Control

No one will be able to enter or exit the car park of your institution without permission after integrating an Access Control system.

  Anpr Cameras

Let the cameras in your car park automatically detect the vehicle registration number with the ANPR technology.

  Payment Machines

Let the motorists in the car park of your institution make payment easily to pay the parking fees.


 Our car park marshalling officers will guide the students, staff, and visitors to the vacant parking sites to park their cars quickly.

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With the increase of colleges and other institutions of higher education, we at Euro Parking Services have noticed that the parking issues are also increasing. From students to teachers, everyone struggles when it comes down to parking in car parks of institutions. Therefore, it’s crucial to implement efficacious parking solutions to eliminate the parking issues in the parking areas of institutions.

Well-Organised & Efficient Parking Spaces

Euro Parking Services is a leading car park management company in the United Kingdom, renowned for offering impeccable parking management solutions to institutions. We understand the parking needs of the education sector and know how to resolve the associated issues. We offer services to efface parking misconduct and improve the security of the overall institution by utilising the latest technology and parking systems.

Advantages the Education Sector Can Leverage

Improved Parking Efficiency

Parking Misconduct

Excellent Traffic Management

extra stream of revenue

Increased Revenue

Fantastic Parking Experience