With the increase of colleges and other institutions of higher education, we at Euro Parking Services have noticed that the trend in such institutions has been to establish “in house” Security Departments.

This approach invariably increases the overheads of such institutions, an unwelcome phenomena, given the ever shrinking public sector spending and reduced funding in further education institutions. Besides, higher education estates tend to be huge in size, leaving their Security Departments over stretched in policing and conducting patrols.

The recurring themes in problems faced by institutions of higher education in their parking problems include the following:
   Lack of parking space during term times
   Expensive/ageing barrier systems
   Non payers
   Increased number of students and staff parking permits
   Congestion at pick up and drop off zones.
   Obstructive and inconvenient parking

At Euro Parking Services, we adopt a solution focused approach when dealing with our higher education institutions clients. This is made possible by our Client Managers who will conduct a 360% appraisal of the estate, get to understand the expectations of a particular institution before going on to conduct a full audit and then coming up with a range of tailor made solutions. Our Client Managers will then explain each one of those solutions, in detail, and the leave such prospective clients to choose their best option.

Our range of solutions, includes but are not limited to:
ANPR cameras
   Virtual permit system and digital permit management
   Payment machines
   Manual ticketing
   Access Control
   Traffic Management

Once the client has selected their best solution, our Communications Team will develop a communication strategy to ensure that all staff, visitors and students alike are fully appraised of the new parking regime before it goes live.


Once our systems are ready and International Parking Community approved signage is up, only those misusing the car parks will get a Parking Charge Notice issued.

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