Automated Parking

The parking industry has evolved a space, and it’s rapidly changing. The latest technological innovations and new strategies are collectively playing a vital role in improving how we manage our parking spaces. Many parking management systems have been developed; some are utterly automated, while others require human intervention. However, if we talk about their functionality, these systems have become an inseparable part of the parking industry because without them, managing car parks these days would be next to impossible.

Nevertheless, this piece of writing will discuss some interesting facts about automated parking that might blow your mind. Let’s take a look without further ado!


An Architect Created the Very First Mechanical Parking System

The Garage Rue de Ponthieu was constructed as a part of a building designed by architect Auguste Perret in Paris in 1905. It is considered the first ever mechanised and automated parking garage, with each floor capable of holding multiple automobiles. So, that’s how our journey toward parking automation started; the Garage Rue de Ponthieu basically transpired the automated and mechanical parking industry.


Creation of Ferris Wheel for Vehicles

Like most technology, parking systems continue to evolve. One of the most exciting creations happened to appear in the 1920s. This particular system is known as the “Paternoster” system and possesses a distinctive look reminiscent of a Ferris wheel. The system was created in order to be capable of storing eight automobiles in an area that might typically only afford two cars. This system became extremely popular, and many car park owners got inspiration from it and started developing something similar to the Paternoster system.


Automated Parking is Way Safer than One May Realise

People become more attentive when it comes to their safety. Since the automated parking systems were introduced, people have started showing more concern about the safety and reliability of automated parking systems. Many think that these systems are not very reliable, but the reality is entirely different. The security for these systems has been perfected over time; they are way safer to use than one may think.

These things make it far less likely that your car will be vandalised or stolen because there will be no human access to parked vehicles; automated parking significantly reduces the risk of these issues. It’s also safer for people involved in any accidents because anyone who gets hurt isn’t immediately surrounded by moving vehicles as they would be if the car park is managed manually. Automated parking makes car parks safer and well-organised.


Automated Parking is Time-Efficient

People are usually worried about how long it will take to get their car back after leaving it in a car park with automated parking systems. Part of the issue is that, traditionally, customers park on the ground floor and then spend time looking for their cars in a multi-story garage or one with multiple levels. In an automated system, however, the customer drives up to the entrance and parks their vehicle while avoiding most of the stress of finding a specific spot later to retrieve their own car.

The best part is that drivers don’t have to give anyone their keys; the automated parking systems are enough to help motorists quickly get in & get out of a parking space.


Automated Car Parks are Faster to Build & Require Less Land

We all know how much space a parking space can take, especially in densely populated areas. Basic concrete ramp garages may potentially require 145,000 square feet of land, but an automated parking system with a similar capacity will use 50% less at around 75,000 square feet of land.

Not only will you save on real estate by building an automated parking structure, but they’ll also be constructed more rapidly than basic concrete areas using traditional construction methods. Therefore, opting for an automated car park is always a marvellous decision, especially if you build it in a city with a area of traffic.


You Can Park Up To 70 Vehicles in the Footprint of 3 Cars

The automated parking tower is the newest automated parking system on the market that’s sure to put a smile on your face! Not only does this automated car park allow parking up to 70 vehicles in the footprint of just three vehicles, but it also saves time and money; a win-win situation for everyone involved! Not only are you able to provide more space for more income-producing development and premium construction, but at the same time, you can save your land. The capacity of the automated parking tower may vary depending on how it’s built and how big it is.


Automated Parking Systems are Eco-Friendly

When it comes to sustainability, automated parking is far better than its counterparts. This option allows facilities using this technology to produce less energy and even make use of alternative energy sources like solar or other forms of power. With automated parking, consumers could save money on gas and significantly contribute to the reduction of vehicle emissions. Automated parking must always be an essential consideration whenever renovating a building or converting any sort of property into green sustainable construction.


So Many Automated Parking Systems Are Available

Parking solutions come in all shapes, sizes, and variations. There are many different options available for making parking easier. From simple lifts, stackers, and moveable bridges to the more sophisticated automated or robotic solutions such as towers, puzzles, shuttles, and drives that help your customers move to their desired locations faster without having to worry about finding their car.

Have you ever wondered how these things work? How do they know someone is walking out? How do they raise the bridge before your vehicle can be dropped into place after parking? Well, one thing’s for sure; these systems are constantly evolving with new technology that alleviates some of those issues our customers experience when attempting to park their cars on busy days with traffic jams of customers.


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