Common Parking Violations


Parking violations can cost you dearly; the more severe parking violations can even mean your vehicle is towed to some remote location which could cost you a fortune. While driving in a crowded parking lot, check whether there are any signs on how the car should be parked to avoid parking fines. The offence that happens when a driver parks their car in an unauthorised or restricted area is referred to as a “parking violation”. Some other types of parking violations may occur if you are unaware of them; don’t worry! This piece of writing will introduce you to common parking violations that everyone should avoid while leaving their vehicle in a parking spot. Let’s take a look!


Double Parking

Double parking is considered a traffic offence and is mentioned under “parking violations.” It occurs when a car parks against the curb, blocking traffic or an area where vehicles pass each other (one lane of traffic). Therefore, it can be a hazard for other drivers, especially in times of emergency. When there are few vehicles on the road, it may cause the flow of traffic to periodically stop while a car attempting to park passes through without proper merging both lanes.

Double parking also incurs fines because people get frustrated by seeing cars blocking others and attempt to move forward but cannot because they are behind a vehicle that has not driven aside. For these reasons, double parking should never be done no matter how crowded or busy the area becomes. Always remember that this practice causes displeasure among both motorists (who may simply try to go around) and pedestrians (who often wait for cars to pass before crossing).


Leaving a Car in Handicap Spots

Handicap parking spots are meant for those who need them. At least one person with disabilities must sit in the vehicle before being able to utilise a handicap parking spot. You also need a permit and an identification window sticker on your car that shows proof you have been granted privileges to park in such a spot. If you have no disabilities, drive away from handicap parking spaces and find other available parking. You will be fined if you park illegally at a handicap spot, so make sure you leave this space available for those who need it, whether they have physical or visual problems. Finally, if someone else has the permit, but you’re driving in the car, it’s not okay to park in a handicap spot without that person present, so move on and find somewhere else to park instead!

Avoiding leaving your vehicle in a handicap parking space will not only save you money but also mitigate the problems of people who need these spots to park their cars. So, kindly be mindful of it.


Parking a Car at the Same Spot for Over 24 Hours

A driver can park their car in one spot for 24 hours. Still, suppose they wish to stay parked there any longer than that. In that case, certain legal conditions must be met, such as obtaining a special legal parking permit via application at your local governing council office to authorise such long-term parking. The time limit for this kind of legally-issued permit varies depending on the area and time of day in question and what other considerations are relevant concerning each case.

When the 24-hour maximum time limit is reached, a driver is required by law to return their vehicle to an adjacent area and remain away from that specific parking space for a designated period before they are allowed back again to begin another session. Any violation of this law, reentering the same restricted parking space within 24 hours without going elsewhere first, will likely result in being fined.


Parking without Paying a Fee

A driver can only park in a private parking lot if they pay for it and for however long they decide to stay. There are parking inspectors on hand who scan the license plates of parked cars to see if the owner has paid their fees. The inspectors also check how long the vehicle has been parked, so if you don’t pay the fee or park beyond your allotted time, you have to pay a fine. Nevertheless, car parks include an ANPR system that automatically detects the registration number of the vehicles and records the data to calculate how long a car has been parked in the parking lot.

Usually, parking spaces include signage to let people know the rules and regulations. You can also learn from parking signage how much you will have to pay to park your vehicle for an hour or more. Therefore, when you visit a car park, make sure you carefully take a look at the signage and pay the parking fee so that you won’t have to pay the penalty.


Get in Touch with EPS

An unwelcome parking citation is not the ideal way to end your day. Suppose you are charged with a parking violation. In that case, you may experience an increase in your monthly car insurance premiums, and now you have to comb over your chequebook and think twice before purchasing another new box of crayons. The best way to avoid these incidents is by ensuring that you follow all local ordinances for parking and never letting a meter expire or doze off at the wheel. Nevertheless, if you are a car park owner and want motorists not to violate your parking space, Euro Parking Services can help you.

Euro Parking Services is a parking enforcement company dedicated to the safety and security of parking spaces in the United Kingdom. We pay attention to your main concerns. The mission of this job includes enforcing rules & regulations relevant to your parking space. We take a responsibility to aid in enforcing laws that promote safe driving, facilitate traffic flow, and manage parking spaces effectively. This is done by using parking signage that encourages safer driving, prevents the exploitation of any parking spaces reserved for those with special needs, and penalises the unfair behaviour of motorists. Click here to get in touch with us if you want to make your parking space more efficient, smooth, and congested-free. 


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