"Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven." - Henry Ward Beechar

Here at Euro Parking Services we understand the need to provide and give back to the community. Therefore every year we donate to several charities, both large and small.
We often help people in need even if they aren't affiliated with a charitable organisation. This way, they gain maximum help without the charities overheads.
The charity that we're supporting this year is called ChildReach (Mumbai, India).
CHILDReach is a non-profit organization and registered Charitable Trust. They work for children with special needs. This includes slow learners, learning disabilities, school drop-outs and first generation learners. Children come from a cross section of society.
India is a developing country, and there isnt much help for children with special needs. Children are our future. It's important that every child gets equal opportunities in life!

To find out more information about ChildReach, Please visit ChildReach