ANPR technology

In this technically dominant era, there has been an immense evolution in technologies. These technologies are playing a significant role in improving the livelihood of people, and one such technology is ANPR. As we know, there are several benefits of ANPR technology. It offers a wide range of advantages and works wonders when integrated with other applications. In earlier times, ANPR was only used by government authorities to investigate and solve crimes. But now it is also being used by local authorities, private management companies and car park owners for security concerns. ANPR can be resourceful in tracking, identifying and managing the data of the detected vehicles for future reference and analysis.

ANPR has become a renowned name in the parking industry because it is a versatile technology that can be incorporated with different systems. Several car park owners integrate ANPR with their CCTV cameras, barrier system, parking payment terminals, etc., to manage their parking space more efficiently. Along with benefits, everything has a few flaws that are unpreventable and need to be tackled with time.

In the coming segments, we will primarily focus on ANPR technology, its integration with parking management systems and its limitations.


What is Automatic Number Plate Recognition?

With an increase in the number of vehicles, parking problems have also increased drastically. Car park owners have to deal with issues like traffic congestion, vandalism, unnecessary nuisance, theft and damage to vehicles and property. All this negatively affects the user experience and causes monetary harm to the business. In this case, ANPR plays a pivotal role in reducing security breach problems and safeguarding the sites.

ANPR is an image processing technology that detects and reads the registered licence number plate. It consists of three steps: movement detection, licence plate identification and tracking. ANPR identifies the vehicle’s registered number, stores the detail in a database, and automatically tracks the vehicle by accessing the required data from the backend software.

ANPR technology is integrated with different systems that are used in various sectors. For example, ANPR-integrated CCTV cameras and payment terminals are used in hospitals, toll booths, restaurant chains, car parks, etc. These cameras operate 24/7 and capture all vehicles’ movement, and the payment machines are handy for easy & quick transactions.


What are ANPR-Integrated Parking Management Systems?

Everyone likes hassle-free lives where they don’t need to put extra effort into trivial things, and technological advancement has made that possible for us. Every motorist despises waiting in long lines, waiting around to find a parking spot, and there is always a terror of damage or theft of their vehicle. Thus, as a car park owner, you should prioritise the security of your place, and ANPR systems are your way to safeguard your parking lot.

ANPR-Integrated Parking Management Systems refer to systems integrated with ANPR technology, such as CCTV cameras, access control, and payment machines, to improve the overall user experience. ANPR systems are precise, widely used, and constantly evolving for the better. These systems are accurate, cost-efficient, resilient, scalable, and secured, which benefits the business by increasing the number of user visits.


Limitations and Disadvantages of ANPR Technology

ANPR has become a renowned technology because of its versatility in comprehension. But it has some drawbacks too that might be a setback for this technology. Some of the disadvantages that hinder the growth of ANPR are as follows:

  • Extreme Weather Conditions

ANPR might not work efficiently under extreme weather conditions such as heavy snowfall, rainfall, storms, etc. It might become completely non-functional in lousy weather, and you may need professional help to mend it.

  • Privacy Violation

As we know, ANPR is an image processing technology that stores necessary footage and details, which might be a serious concern for people. The public is usually afraid that their data might not be safe and has a constant threat of infringement.

But the government and private companies using the technology have made remarks regarding its safety and how the stored data is encrypted and secure.

  • Similar Software

If the ANPR software used to process and store the data is not customised according to the cities, it might be a massive drawback as the system will not read the licence plate correctly. So, it should be tailored accordingly for significant results.

  • Coincidence Errors

Sometimes the system may capture interrupted images of different vehicles leaving simultaneously. If the system couldn’t capture one of the vehicles, it might overcharge that vehicle for extra time. Similar incidents may lead to issuing parking tickets to innocent drivers leading to their frustration which might affect your business.


ANPR technology is a boon in the parking industry for improving security issues and tackling parking violators. As there is a saying that, for every strength, there is a weakness, it applies to ANPR as well. There are some challenges that accompany this outstanding technology. But as the technology upgrades, the drawbacks will be overcome by far better features.

ANPR systems are a great addition to your car parks and are helpful enough to help your business grow. If you are looking for an ANPR-Integrated system, reach out to Euro Parking Services. You don’t need to worry about any faults; we will take care of everything from installation to surveillance and management. We provide the best parking management and enforcement services all over the UK.

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