CCTV Parking Enforcement

Illegal activities can be detrimental to the reputation of a parking facility. It results in a poor parking experience and negative business growth & revenue. Don’t worry! An effective CCTV parking enforcement service can help you keep all the chaos at bay and prevent unauthorised access to your parking lot. Our CCTV enforcement services can make your car park utterly secure. We will keep a watchful eye on your parking lot 24/7 to ensure that no one violates the parking rules & create inconvenience for other motorists. Our CCTV parking enforcement service will allow your parking facility to run more profitably, and authorised motorists will be able to find parking spaces in your car park more rapidly, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Benefits of CCTV Parking Enforcement

24/7 Surveillance

CCTV parking enforcement lets you keep an eye on your parking sites 24/7, which means you never miss anything happening in your car park regardless of the incident time.

Crime Prevention

Remote monitoring via CCTVs will allow you to prevent crimes from happening and make your car park completely secure for everyone who visits it, no matter what time it is.

Evidence Collection

You can easily collect evidence to prove the culprit guilty in court when enforcing the CCTV services in your car park. Our CCTVs let you click high-quality pictures even in the dark.

Control on Parking Violations

CCTV parking enforcement enables car park owners to track parking abusers and click their photos to generate PCNs, reducing the act of parking violations in parking lots.

Employee Security

You can take immediate action when anything unusual starts happening in your car park in order to prevent an unfortunate incident from happening and secure your employees.

Motion Detection

CCTVs come with motion detection technology enabling them to detect any moving object and capture its images automatically. It offers an extra layer of security to your car park.

How Does Our CCTV Parking Enforcement Service Work?

Our CCTVs integrate ANPR technology and can read registered vehicle number plates of vehicles entering and exiting your car park. The ANPR system calculates how long each car has been parked in a car parking facility by analysing the gathered data, and a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) is issued to any vehicle exceeding the maximum stay period or doesn’t pay the reasonable parking fee. Our CCTV service has been specifically developed to provide scalability, privacy and flexibility to car park owners. Combining these aspects into a single process has allowed us to boost car parks’ safety and reputation.

We utilise the latest CCTV technology to provide high-quality and efficacious car park management services. Our advanced CCTV cameras are easy to manage and offer guaranteed security along with 24/7 enforcement.

Why Choose Our CCTV Parking  Enforcement Services

Eliminate the Need for Parking Attendants

Integrates with Other Parking Management Services


Over 15 years of Experience

Easy Maintenance

Weatherproof CCTVs

Clients Testimonials

“Illegal activities in our car park were harming our business reputation. But, thanks to the EPS team, who provided us with their effective CCTV parking enforcement service. It enabled us to eliminate unauthorised parking in our parking facility.”-

Mason Parker

“Our car park was facing severe parking abuse, as non-paying visitors were parking their vehicles in our car park. EPS implemented CCTV parking enforcement in our premises. Now we can identify unauthorised vehicles and provide parking spaces to our genuine customers efficiently.”

Jaxon Sanders

“We wanted to improve the security of our car park; hence we consulted with EPS for their CCTV parking enforcement. They provided us with the CCTV enforcement and helped us in making car park safer for our customers.”

Hadley Myers

“Euro Parking Services offered us an outstanding CCTV Parking enforcement service that helped us increase the security of our car park and deter unauthorised vehicles to improve our site usage.”

Liza Edwards