Case Study for Castle Surgery

Castle Surgery tackled parking misuse with Euro Parking Services ANPR Hybrid Solution, whitelisting for staff and mobile payments, enhancing efficiency and generating extra revenue.


Misuse of dedicated car parks by unrelated motorists.

Absence of clear signage demarcating the car parks for Castle Surgery.

Staff and visitors faced daily parking challenges, leading to operational inefficiencies.

The compounded issues caused inconvenience to both staff and visitors alike.


Euro Parking Services undertook a comprehensive site evaluation, involving extensive dialogue with the Castle Surgery team and methodical car park monitoring. Our deep-dive assessment culminated in a holistic solution, tailored for the unique needs of the establishment:

  • RANPR Hybrid Solution: This advanced parking management solution ensured strict monitoring and regulation of the two car parks. Its interconnectivity feature allowed staff to conveniently park in either car park without hassles.
  • RWhitelisting Portal: A user-friendly interface was provided to Castle Surgery, enabling quick and easy parking registration for staff members, ensuring they always had access to parking.
  • RMobile Payment Integration: By partnering with a leading UK mobile payment app, we introduced a seamless "pay for parking" system. This not only eased the parking process for visitors but also generated a consistent revenue stream for the establishment.
  • REnd-to-End Back Office Support: From issuing Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) to consistent follow-ups, our team guaranteed a transparent process to deter motorists from unauthorized land use.


With the integrated solutions in place:

  • RA significant reduction in parking misuse was observed.
  • RClear demarcation and monitoring led visitors to identify the correct parking zones effortlessly.
  • RThe introduction of the paid parking system added a consistent revenue source for Castle Surgery.