“We can provide you with extra revenue for your land/car park. ”

You can start making and extra stream of revenue by charging people to park on you idle land.

Whether it’s a current car park, or undeveloped land, or land that has been empty for a while that is waiting to be let out or sold. We can provide you with revenue with our support and expertise. The service is flexible and tailored to suit you needs.

Our cash for land service will:
   Provides extra and handsome stream of revenue
   Consume your unused land
   Short or long term options
   Free evaluation and estimation

Parking has become limited over time and is valuable just like any other asset. We have noticed shortage of parking spaces in towns or near offices. If you have an empty car park or undeveloped land we can help you make some revenue out of it.

We will conduct a site evaluation and arrange a meeting to discuss the most effective way to make some revenue with your parking. After the site evaluation, we may fund the whole project for FREE to help you have a extra revenue stream. This means, you invest minimum and gain maximum. (T&C apply).

Contact us for more information 0845 121 0065