Cash for Land

There have never been so many vehicles on roads as now, increasing the demand for parking spaces rapidly in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. Shortages of parking spaces instigating parkers to park wherever they find spaces. This can cause a massive problem in the long run if not taken seriously. However, the demand for parking spaces is giving an opportunity to idle land owners to turn their private property into a revenue-generating parking lot. So, if you own idle land, consider turning it into a parking lot to make it a valuable asset.

If you have an empty car park or undeveloped land, Euro Parking Services can help you make some revenue out of it. You can contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss the most effective way to make revenue from your private parking lot. We can conduct a free site evaluation and provide Cash for Land services tailored to your needs. After the initial site evaluation, we may even fund the whole project in some cases, meaning that you will receive maximum return on very little or no investment (T&Cs apply).

Benefits of Cash for Land Services

Parking Misconduct

Preventing Parking Misconduct

Our cash for land parking enforcement system can prevent parking abuse where it has become a problem, especially a property that hasn’t been left out for a long period.

Land security

Securing Idle Land

Our cash for land services will secure your idle property by preventing motorists from parking their vehicles without permission. No damage will ever take place!

Revenue from Unused Property

Revenue from Unused Property

Our cash for land service includes collecting a parking fee from every motorist who parks their car on your idle property. We also generate PCNs when someone disobeys the parking rules.

Control over Your Property

Complete Control over Your Property

No one will ever be able to enter your private property to park their vehicle or do any other activity without your permission. We keep an eye on your idle land 24/7 via CCTVs

No Burden

No Burden

The entire responsibility to manage your idle land after transforming it into a car park comes to our shoulders. You don’t need to do anything; you won’t have any burden.



We take care of all the parking systems and sites once our clients hand over the responsibility to transfer their idle land into a parking garage and take care of it.

Unauthorised Parking Solution

Create an additional revenue stream by charging motorists to park on your idle private land. Whether you own an existing car park, undeveloped land, or vacant land that is yet to be sold, we can apply our expertise to implement a flexible car parking solution tailored to your situation and requirements. We offer impeccable cash for land services to get rid of unauthorised parking on idle land. Many land and property owners consult us about unauthorised parking and how to stop cars parking on private land. Our cash for land parking enforcement system can help you prevent parking abuse where it has become a problem. So, please feel free to contact EPS.

What to Expect from Our Cash for Land Services

site evaluation

A free site evaluation and estimation

extra stream of revenue

An extra stream of revenue

Transformation of unused land into a valuable commodity

long-term and short term

Short or long-term options

property misuse

Prevention of property misuse

Car park signage

Clients Testimonials

β€œWe wanted to generate additional revenue out of our unused land. Thanks to Euro Parking Services, their proficient team changed our land into a car park and provided us with ingenious solutions tailored to our needs and requirements.”

Wesley Davidson


β€œ EPS offered us a great opportunity that helped us earn additional income from our vacant land. They applied their expertise to implement a flexible car parking solution, according to the requirements of our car park.”

Remington Fraser


β€œEPS has completely transformed our empty land into a money-making machine. We highly recommend their cash for land service. It is really amazing.”

Lyla Munro


β€œWe were looking for ways to make the best of our empty land. We consulted with the EPS team to operate on our land. They helped us with their cash for land service that generated a good and reliable amount for us.”

Jemma Thompson