Turn your idle land into a car park. 


Generate additional revenue from your idle land.


✔️ Create an additional revenue stream by charging motorists to park on your idle private land.

✔️ Whether you own an existing car park, undeveloped land, or vacant land that is yet to be let or sold

✔️ we can apply our expertise to implement a flexible car parking solution, tailored to your situation and requirements.

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About Euro Parking Services

Euro Parking Services is an established nationwide company with extensive and comprehensive experience in the parking management industry. We currently manage and operate in over 500 car parks across the UK, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Why Choose Us?

✔️ Our Directors and senior managers have over 15 years of combined and progressive experience in the field of parking enforcement and management.

✔️ Our primary aim is to provide a professional, value for money, tailor-made service that consistently meets our clients’ needs and expectations, regardless of the size and nature of their operation.

✔️ Our professional, well-trained staff take pride in delivering customised solutions for our clients.

✔️ Over the years, we have honed our knowledge and understanding of the various problems our clients face from parking abuse. With this in mind, we have developed a diagnostic tool that helps us to gain an in-depth appreciation of our clients’ specific challenges and requirements.


Why should you turn your private land into a car park? 

In the UK, there have never been so many vehicles on our roads, and in many areas parking has become very limited as a result. Shortages of parking spaces in towns and near offices has become a particular problem. This means that land which could be used for car parking has become a valuable asset.   

If you have an empty car park or undeveloped land, we can help you to make some additional revenue out of it. We can conduct a free site evaluation, and arrange a meeting to discuss the most effective way to make some revenue with a private parking management system tailored to your needs. 

After the initial site evaluation, we may even fund the whole project for FREE in many cases, meaning that you will receive maximum return on very little investment. (T&Cs apply).  

Unauthorised parking solution

Many land and property owners consult us about unauthorised parking, and how to stop cars parking on private land. Our cash for land parking enforcement system can help to prevent parking abuse where it has become a problem.

Extra revenue for your land or car park

Our cash for land service:

  • Provides an extra, often handsome stream of revenue
  • Transforms your unused land into a useful commodity
  • Offers short or long-term options
  • Includes a free evaluation and estimation
  • Car park signs provided

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