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Imagine it’s a weekend night, and your restaurant is jam-packed, but so is your parking facility. The number of parking spaces significantly impacts the number of customers you will attract, and lack of parking space will lead to losing new or even regular customers, resulting in revenue loss. Additionally, there are unauthorised parkers, including nearby visitors and local people, who may park their vehicles in your car park occupying the space of genuine customers.

Car park management is a crucial part of parking for both parking operators and motorists. It has various benefits, including enhanced parking efficiency, mitigating parking abuse, improved parking experience, reduced traffic congestion, mitigating carbon footprint, and deterring anti-social behaviour. However, preparing and executing an effective parking management plan requires a lot of effort; therefore, taking professional help sounds like a great plan.

Misuse of parking facilities or car parks is quite common, but how does one tackle it? The answer is Parking Management and Enforcement.


What is Parking Management and Enforcement?


Parking management refers to the policies, plans, and processes of offering effective solutions to maximise the use of parking resources. It includes offering technological solutions to enhance the use of parking sites for individuals, businesses, and organisations. When applied appropriately, management techniques can significantly improve parking space use. They can also provide several economic, social and environmental benefits.

Parking enforcement refers to enforcing parking rules and regulations on the public, instructing them on effectively following parking norms, maintaining road safety and avoiding illegal or unauthorised activities. Efficient parking enforcement is critical as it is crucial to implement laws and policies on people to ensure optimum usage of limited parking space and prevent parking nuisance and violation.

Parking management and enforcement are essential for smooth traffic flow, reducing congestion and promoting the safety of pedestrians and motorists. It ensures that no motorist violates parking norms, helps to free up parking spaces and issues penalties against the violators. One can effectively accomplish management and enforcement by installing smart parking systems, including CCTV cameras, ANPR systems, barrier access, and signage, implementing strict laws & penalties, and issuing PCNs.

Benefits of Parking Management and Enforcement


Parking management and enforcement is a crucial aspect of urban life. However, it can be a reason for frustration for motorists sometimes. Nevertheless, we must abide by and be aware of the rules and regulations. Many people are unaware of the norms, which can also be the reason for chaos, disturbances and violation. So we need proper management to tackle such a situation. There are several benefits of parking management and enforcement, some of which are mentioned below:

  • It helps manage the parking space better and have complete control over it.
  • It can help prevent vandalism and maintain the traffic flow.
  • It can ensure that people are disciplined and follow the rules of the designated site.
  • It helps improve the security of parked vehicles and parking spaces.
  • It helps reduce congestion and unauthorised parking and generates extra revenue for the car park owner.
  • Using smart parking solutions can enhance your place’s efficiency and provide the best experience for your customers.


Why Do You Need Car Park Management Services?


Besides mitigating the impact of parking violations and abuse, car park management services can maximise space availability in your car park to increase vehicle influx. With efficacious car park management, you can improve the user experience and monetise, one of the most valuable factors. These services allow parking operators to enforce the parking rules on their premises whilst deterring vandalism and anti-social behaviour. It will improve the business, reduce violations and generate revenue.


Who Can Help With Car Park Management?


We bet you are tired of unauthorised parkers parking in your space, causing you a loss of genuine customers. Don’t worry! Euro Parking Services is at your rescue. We are one of the top car park management companies with over 15 years of experience in the parking industry. We can help you eliminate unauthorised parking in your car park by implementing parking restrictions and innovative solutions. Additionally, with our impeccable services, you can get the most out of your parking spaces and generate more revenue.

We are a leading parking management company based in the UK, renowned for offering a wide range of parking solutions, including ANPR, pay & display, self-ticketing, and more. Contact us today, and we will be available to enhance the overall performance of your car park.


Best Solutions We Can Provide

Euro Parking Services offer different parking management and enforcement services, and we even customise our services as per the needs of our clients with complete efficiency and accuracy. The best solutions we can provide you to enhance the efficiency of your business’ car park are:


  • CCTV Enforcement

With CCTV cameras, it is easier to keep an eye on the car park, track all the client’s activities, and monitor the unauthorised parkers.

  • ANPR Parking Systems

Through installing ANPR systems, you can secure your car park and make it smoothly running. It tracks all vehicles that enter the car park and issues PCNs to all unauthorised or illegal vehicles, which helps to maximise the available space in your parking area.

  • Self-Ticketing

It is a great solution if your site isn’t suitable for ANPR or you prioritise handling it yourself. You don’t need assistance; just download the ZatMobile app and create an account. Within 15 days, you’ll receive delivery of your car parking signs. Once you have installed the signs, you will have a legally enforceable controlled parking zone. Take a picture of the offending vehicle through the app, and we can issue the driver with a PCN.

  • Pay & Display

With pay and display service, the customer can easily pay for their parking and display the ticket on their windscreen so that patrol officers can easily recognise authorised and unauthorised parkers.

  • Patrol Officer Service

Patrol Officer Service is a very effective way to manage parking spaces and enforce parking restrictions in all private car parks. We arrange patrolling at times your car park faces the most parking issues and needs human intervention to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

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