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Cape Hill Retail Park is a 30,000 sq ft scheme, existing tenants include KFC, Farm foods, Dominos, British Heart Foundation, Masala Bazaar, Alisha Supermarket and Sunrise Supermarket. The Retail Park is located on the A4092 Cape Hill, situated approximately 3 miles west of Birmingham City Centre. This is a busy area, with shops nearby including a Post Office and Dispensary; there are also a number of sole traders across the road including The Cave and NCF Carpets. Cape Hill retail car park offers around 150 parking spaces to their customers; more than 40% of the parking had been occupied by motorists who were not patrons. It was significantly clear that there was a necessity for Parking Enforcement on the site. In 2019 Euro Parking Services (Car Park Management Company in Birmingham, UK) were chosen to operate on the site. We decided to implement a user-friendly and flexible system for customers and staff members of the store.

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We executed an Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera on the car park which is a popular choice for many private car parks, giving customers peace of mind whilst they shop and also ensuring that the spaces are being occupied by genuine customers only. After carrying out a site evaluation, our observations suggest that due to the level of activity and usage within the car park the service best suited is a funded option, where EPS installs and maintains all the Capital Expenditure on the site. In return, we offered our client a share of the Net Revenue.


We implemented ANPR Installation:


  • Signage identifying the terms conditions
  • Carried out a Site Audit and Risk Assessment ensuring that the car park is compliant with the IPC (International Parking Community)
  • Providing a Portal system to the client to whitelist staff members/ visitors

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Since installing the ANPR system on the car park the site has had a greater traffic flow,it has also acted as a deterrent for motorists abusing the parking spaces by parking and going elsewhere. This now leaves more room for customers to park their vehicles and use the businesses situated at the retail park. If you own land or a car park, we can help you make some additional revenue from it.

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