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Parking management is daunting; therefore, most car park owners prefer to hire professionals who can take care of their car parks. However, there may be a better decision than hiring a parking management company to manage a small car park that’s self-ticketing. So, people usually avoid contacting parking professionals, leading to generating more significant issues in car parks. Parking misconduct isn’t new to us, so it’s necessary to find effective ways to get rid of it. Self-ticketing allows car park owners to effectively take care of their car parks on their own, preventing motorists from violating parking rules. So, if you own a small car park and want to manage it precisely, it’s the right time to opt for the self-ticketing parking management service. Nevertheless, in this piece of writing, we will learn how self-ticketing services can benefit car park owners. So, let’s take a look without further ado!


What is Self-Ticketing Parking Management?

Self-ticketing is basically taking pictures of cars violating parking rules and requesting the partnered parking management company to generate a PCN in the name of a motorist disobeying parking terms & conditions. Moreover, using self-ticketing to take care of a car park and prevent parking misconduct from happening is considered self-ticketing parking management. In the United Kingdom, many small car park owners prefer to take self-ticketing services as it doesn’t require external interruption to manage a car park. Parking owners can independently do it.


How Self-Ticketing Works

In order to get self-ticketing services, a car park owner needs to get in touch with a reliable & authorised car park management company like Euro Parking Services. Now, the company will register the site and prepare the parking signage so that motorists know about parking enforcement. The parking signage shall include parking terms & conditions and must be clearly visible. It will ensure that all vehicle owners know that this parking site is private and people can park their vehicles only if they meet certain conditions.

After enforcing parking restrictions, the parking owner is all set to go. He needs to install an app on his mobile phone recommended by the partnered parking management firm. Once the garage owner is done with all the setup procedures, he can start generating PCNs. That’s how straightforward it is. However, if you feel perplexed, you can get in touch with Euro Parking Services, and we will help you understand the entire self-ticketing thing.


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Advantages of Self-Ticketing Services

Self-ticketing service offers various advantages, especially when your car park is smaller in size. Here’s why you should opt for self-ticketing services in order to manage your car park:


No Need for Staffing

One of the best things about self-ticketing is that it doesn’t require staffing. Big car parks need to hire some wardens to take care of parking spaces and ensure everyone parks their vehicles appropriately. On the other hand, when you opt to get self-ticketing services, you don’t require anyone to hire to take care of your car park, saving you money. Self-ticketing makes it pretty easy to take care of car parks, you just require a smartphone & you are good to go. However, you should not forget that you will need to be available all the time in your car park so that you can keep a watchful eye on your car park. Well, if you are a retail shop owner with a small car park, you will not have any issues managing the car park.


Have Complete Control Over Your Car Park

One of the prominent drawbacks of hiring people to take care of your car park is that you lose control because these professionals will be the ones who have control over your car park. Well, you can instruct them to manage your car park in your way, but they will only do a few things the way you want. On the other hand, when you get self-ticketing services, everything will go on your terms. You will be the owner of your site and the one who will manage the sites. You can make changes in terms & conditions whenever you want and cancel PCNs too. Keep in mind that sometimes it turns out that a motorist has received a faulty PCN; in such cases, self-ticketing allows you to cancel the PCNs easily. It ensures convenience for you as well as your customers.


Reduced Parking Violation

Another advantage of self-ticketing is it reduces the incidents of parking violations. It involves erecting parking signage in car parks. These parking signs include all the necessary information that motorists need to know to park their vehicles in the car park properly. It ensures that people get to see the parking terms and conditions. A car owner may have to pay a penalty if he doesn’t abide by the parking rules. Therefore, people avoid parking inappropriately.


Extra Revenue

Self-ticketing allows you to add extra cash to your pocket. When motorists know that the parking restrictions have been enforced on private property, they pay the parking fees. And if they don’t pay the parking fees, they will eventually require paying the penalty, adding more cash to the property owner’s pocket. So, hiring a parking management company in the United Kingdom to get self-ticketing services is a stupendous decision. Self-ticketing allows property owners or small retail businesses to have the best of both worlds as it prevents parking abuse and also generates extra revenue.


Get in Touch with EPS

Euro Parking Services is a leading car park management company based in the heart of Birmingham, UK. We provide the best self-ticketing services to help car park owners easily manage their private sites. We understand how it feels when someone enters a private area and leaves their vehicle without authority. It not only creates obstruction but also worsens the experience of prospective customers. So, we ensure no parking abuse takes place at the parking sites that we manage. You can get in touch with us to get the best parking management experience. We are here to ease off your stress and provide effective parking management solutions.  

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